Gus Johnson leaves CBS


Apparently they couldn’t come to an agreement on a contract. He’s now working on a contract with FOX for college football.

This is way worse than the tournament expanding. :frowning:


Heard that, probably GuJo cashing in on his popularity. Can’t blame him. Sucks though.


It’s pretty funny, though. Everyone in the MMA community HATES Gus and is ecstatic he won’t be with CBS any longer.


Just goes to show what a bunch of losers the MMA community is.


MMA sucks ass.


They hate him because he has no clue what he is talking about. He knows Football/Basketball and it shows and why he’s phenomenal.

Also, his “Sometimes these things happen in MMA,” killed MMA on Network TV.


Now being reported that he has not split completely yet, but has instead received an offer from FOX that CBS can match. Hopefully CBS doesn’t “rise and fire” and they tell Gus to “count it” (yeah I know that was terrible). I hope Gus stays, he’s a joy for college basketball and I think less so for football, which would probably be his main role at FOX.




Best Gus Game Ever

FAvorite non-orgasmic Gus call


i hate gus johnson. thank god he is leaving cbs



What that guy said.