Gtg take the LSAT, brb


Taking it for the first time. Applications are due March 1.



stfu this isnt facebook


Let me know how it goes, last time I was there, the room was filled with 35 year old latino people. I was shocked because I’ve never seen a lawyer that looked like them


Is there a job those people aren’t trying to take.

Good luck though phris, that’ll be me in 3 years


good luck man! I hope it goes well



have fun lying for a living you dirtbag


Yeah, all lawyers are scum. None of them fight for justice or civil rights or anything like that. God you’re ignorant.

Test went fine. Only could sleep like an hour last night, but 1 1/2-2 cups of coffee and 24 oz. of Red Bull later, here I am.


What type of lawyer do you want to be?

My roommate wants to be a patent attorney.


Not exactly sure, but I want to study public interest law, and I’m highly considering a dual degree with a Masters in Public Policy.


Fighting for “justice” … Jesus Christ.







DUDE! congrats. thats a great score. i’m taking mine next year. did you take a practice lsat, and if so, how closely related were those scores? i socred 168 and 174 on my 2 practice lsat’s


Keep practicing like crazy. I was testing mostly mid-170s, some high-170s. Actually got a 180 on an older test. I got like an hour of sleep the night before the test and still hit that range. haha


i’m about to get a huge book this summer. i’ve already got the boardgame from the inflight magazine that has just about everything you’ve never wanted. the law school i want to go to requires a 164. so hopefully i can get it at least at 170. where are you wanting to go?


Make sure you get the official LSAT test books published by the LSAC and the recent tests. Seriously, buy and take all of them.

Looking at American, George Washington, Georgetown.


the stuff on the lsac site?


and i thought that facebook status was your weight.



95 lbs

13/f/cali :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: