GSTC Sunday Run @ Jockey Hollow...Last Grote Sunday in NJ


8:30 AM at visitors center off of Tempe Wick Road. Easy to follow signs from Rt. 202. No human or animal has put in more miles in these woods than me…1.5 times around the globe worth…seriously. Great spot, should be a good turnout from Garden State Track Club, which I recently joined and will soon leave behind. So it goes.

I will run 2-hours plus, probably repeating my main loop, clockwise twice, then adding on.

Myself, The Wife, Fred, and Weimaraner Toby will be leaving NJ, soon there after, happily relocating permanently to Wisconsin. Born and lived there until I was about 12. Have met a lot of great people in NJ and had many great experiences…quite a few of them have been running on the trails in these woods. Come check it out, see me off, tell me off, and get an idea of what Garden State Track Club is all about. Terrific club with events, training, grassroots, developing elite, and so on. Huge amount of respect for the powers-that-be that started it, operate it, and keep it going. Some excellent young coaches involved, as well.

Tebow in, Grote’s out…



Well I may not see you that is just a reality.

I wish you Cathy and Fred and Toby all the best

Home is wherever the family is

You will b missed in NJ I am sure, and fix your VM will ya?

Safe trip, we shall talk


You will always be counted as a New Jersey guy!

Best of luck in Wisconsin! Go Cheese Heads!



All the best.



Kinger, I was counting on at least 15 miles with you Sunday…come on. All kidding aside, you putting in a steady 15 miler on the trails with me is much more likely than me ever figuring out how to get my voicemail to work the the iphone.



Oh gosh I hope not, as there is no chance of me running 1.5 miles, let alone 15


I usually do my Sunday morning 20 milers starting at lewis morris anyway, may join in on this farewell run. What loop do you typically run Grote? Grand Loop? Mt. Kemble?


Rob, kind of just do loops or routes that I make up as I go along. Been there for so long that I know exactly how long every spot is from home or wherever I need to be. Until Tuesday, been living right across from Villa Walsh on Picatinny Road, so start there, to Western, go up Old Army Post Road, 6:and change into the run, I’m on a trail that takes you onto the Mt. Kemble Loop. From there, usually clockwise, follow Mt. Kemble down to Grand Loop, head through towards trail center, crossing road, Aqueduct trail across middle of park hang left before heading road on other side, towards Wick House, just before cross road follow trail uphill through grass meadow, pick up grand loop again, follow along, cut down into parking lot in front of soldier huts, run up through huts, hang left pick up grand loop, follow back up over Jockey Hollow Road, across, back to Mt. Kemble. Don’t know or really want to know how far it is. Various spinoffs into Lewis Morris, Patriots Path, back on roads, whatever can make up 2-hours plus of running, as you know.



Count me in, it will be a nice mixup from the out and back from lewis morris to freedom that I have been doing the last few weeks.


It was nice seeing the pictures of Bobby Papazian, Doug Smith and you. Good memories of the GSB days. Thanks for your friendship and counsel over the years. We wish you well in Wisconsin!