Groups 3200m Seeded Heat


How many boys are usually placed in the seeded heat of the boys 3200m?

With the conditions at the North II race it seems possible that none of the boys’ times will make it into the seeded heat even though some of them are previous MoC qualifiers. In the winter, I believe they ran just one heat but with more people doubling, I doubt they’ll run them all together.

Are the officials more likely to include more people in the seeded heat since the times are pretty close together?

Thank you for your help!


What Group?
Trying to figure a cut line. Either way, based on the Performance lists, I’d say 2 heats.


I think the weather was similar at Central and North I…could be wrong though

Also think the field in Central and South were a little stronger if you look at some names


Also, what are the thoughts on 4x8’s. Will the clerks split up the 24 or so teams listed or try to run them all in one heat?


My last thought and I am done with this.
It is discouraging to hear this “cut the losers” chant from adults. To deny kids the opportunities that they may have had speaks ill of the future of HS sports.
Why can’t kids enjoy something they are not elite at?


Like opening heights… There should be written policy on this so all groups are the same.


I’m talking about Group 4. I’m worried that none of the guys from North II (one of whom I know) are going to get into the seeded heat which might make it difficult to qualify for the MoC even though some of those guys are qualifiers from winter and previous seasons.


The only one I know of in that group who made moc I winter was Patel from Jp Stevens as far as I know. The other sections weren’t that much quicker and really when you look at central and south, those guys are top to bottom better tbh than north 1 and north 2 (riff, tarpey, Cunningham, Wilson, khAlid, etc)

I think last year it may have been only one year in group 4 but with the addition of the top 12 rule it may be 2 depending on who scratches. The weather wasn’t great anywhere in nj that day so it’s hard to say they were affected in north 2 any more than central which was bad and north 1


Btw the top two north 2 runners are 14 and 15 on the list with 29 overall I’m guessing they will be the last two in the fast heat if its 2 heats


I looked at the results and while the results were not great from anywhere, a lot of the guys from North II (400 hurdles, 400, 800, etc.) seemed to have been affected more than times in other parts of the state so I figured that the wind or other conditions were not as bad in other places.

I see what you’re saying and I guess we’ll just wait and see what the officials do.

(I don’t mean to take away from the athletes that ran in those conditions, btw!)
Thank you for the help!


Whatever else, I believe the winner of the Sectional is allowed in. You just have to bring it to the attention of the meet officials if his time is outside the cut-off.


Usually has to cut down to about 18 to be one heat but I have seen 20-21