Groupon deal on ESPN 30 for 30 DVDs


Apparently you have approximately 43 minutes to order the first thirty films in the 30 for 30 series for $25. I just did. I know it’s also on Netflix, but I figured maybe at least one person would appreciate the opportunity to buy.


Thank you for posting this. It’s still going. Just ordered.


was going to buy this for myself, but was told not to because my gf already bought it for me as a valentines day gift. I win.


Mine came today, excited to dig in.


got mine today as well, currently loading them up onto my hard-drive in prep for deployment.


Why are they called 30 for 30?


the initial concept for the series was 30 documentaries to celebrate the 30th anniversary of ESPN. Obviously they have expanded since then.


I managed to send this to my old address. Should be fun tracking it down.