's NJ Hypothetical NCAA Team


I will rank a team of the top collegiate guys hailing from NJ this season. No rankings yet, just a roster for the team. 7 guys and an alternate on the pre-season varsity, plus a 2nd team and some others to look out for. Last year, the top 5 NJ finishers at the NCAA meet would have combined to place 18th. I believe they can and will do better. If they beat my alma mater, Portland, I offer to buy them a meal at Macho Nacho in Morristown.

Big names on the roster. Nothing set in stone, guys who run best will score. Leung, Forys, Rosa, Rosa…then some debate for 4th through 7th spots.



I predict a breakthrough year for the young squad at Bennett Technical Institute.


Gone are the days when I would rank CBA as the top college team in NJ, and place them in the top 10 in the region. This is good, as CBA is ranked #1 in the country, so still holding up their end of the proverbial bargain. Better yet because Princeton is real good, getting and developing talent, and other schools in the Mid-Atlantic (and Northeast…Syracuse) are very good. Both regions are still relatively weak, no offense, in comparison to West, Mountain particularly.



I think you misunderstood my post…

I believe Bennett is in the process of chartering an institution of higher learning. See for more details. :wink:

His stated goal is to beat Grote State College. Unsure whether he has a Nevin Shapiro type booster lined up (he asked, but I just don’t have access to a yacht here in Pittsburgh; barge? maybe.)


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Others to watch: Sam Macaluso, Arizona; Sean Pohorence, Harvard; Jeramy Elkaim, Oregon; Mike Franklin, Princeton; Matt MacDonald, Princeton; Mike Mazzacarro, Princeton; Jon Vitez, Princeton; Jim Lambert, Miami Dolphins.

Excellent work.



Wayton State University, recently named a “Top 10” College in Mercer County will be well- represented this year. Leung, Foy, Kellner, in best shape of their lives, Macaluso and Schoepfs are getting back into fine form, and Mackeral Snappers Oconnell and Margiotta will make a run at varsity for SJU… very exciting summer in WW-P.


Are you suggesting you would to secede from the main All-NJ squad? Losing Leung would be a big hit to Grote State College. On paper, that means it would project either Doug Smith or Robby Andrews as a scorer, Andrew Brodeur moves up out of alternate slot. Then again, perhaps Travis Mahoney’s steeple prowess will produce big results on the cross.

I’ve seen detailed research…graphs, tables, charts, and so on from the coaches at the best distance program on the East Coast right now…NJ production at NCAA’s is grim. Its ugly. For all the talk of how our high school guys are so great, high quality, depth, and so on…the results at the next level have not been super impressive. So, come guys, lets start getting it done.

North Wayton State will indeed have a few NCAA participants. Foy may slide into a varsity slot at Duke, although they lost a lot, and figure to be a bit of a longshot to make the big meet, unless of course, you consider IC4A’s to be the big meet. Not sure the status and health progress of Macaluso at 'Zona…although that team will have a tough time making it. Portland is going to f-people up this year in that region. Stanford and Oregon are still OK despite the paltry conditions and limited resources they each withstand…Washington, Cal, ASU, UCLA, and so on. Good running out west.