Griak Invitational


I have not scene any talk about the Griak Invitational. Who do we watch out for from Wisconsin? Are there any national elite’s from other states to watch out out for?

Looks like perfect weather. Low 50’s and mostly cloudy. Could see some great times.

List of teams:


Griak has usually been on the same weekend as Midwest. Did they change the date or was the race last Saturday. Where are the results. I noticed Middleton did not have all there top guys at Midwest and still ran pretty well.


Griak date rotates year to year based on the college schedule. The meet will be this weekend. Here you can see how the week of the meet can shift every few years:


2 of the top 4 girl individuals from wisconsin are going to griak. The young ladies from GET and Denmark. I guess sun prairie, our top ladies team in the state so far, will be there although it’s reasonable to assume onalaska and muskego might be better by state and neither of them are there. Boys side I think Middleton boys team and Caleb Easton are the main attraction from wisconsin I didn’t see any of our other elite runners there (bosley, meinke, Ellenburg, schnoor, vanucchi, or the east Troy runner.). Ash Francis has been running like a top 15 at state individual so he hopefully will be competitive at this meet


I heard there will be a boy from Washington state at Griak. His Name is Bradley Peloquin and he goes to Gig Harbor HS. According to he has run a 15:22.5 5k this season.


Sun Prairie boys are racing at Stoughton, they are not listed at Griak. Ash should be up there as a favorite to win the Stoughton invite.


@old_slow_guy Peloquin is running out west this weekend. I think max manley is the only guy who is at this point a top 100 national type runner at Griak although guys like Iverson and maybe even Caleb Easton can pull off the win. The race is much better on the woman’s side especially for individuals but since most of the good boys teams from the Heartland region are at the meet it will be interesting to see how are current top 2 boys teams of Madison west and Middleton perform.


As expected max manley won beating a game Acer Iveson. Edina and Wayzata have solid number 1 runners. Madison West ran well finishing 5th. Middleton was 8th but looks fine. If their 2-4 runners who are all sub 4:20 milers finished up where their 5th runner finished they would have been right their in the battle for second. Those 3 boys (Leffel, madoch and Gilles) are too talented to be messing around 17 flat, I have no doubt they will be much faster when it matters although their overall depth isn’t great without ystenes running. Caleb Easton finished 9th, I didn’t see the race so have no idea how the splits went. The top 3 boys ran around 15:50 and were well ahead of 4th.

On the girls side sun prairie did decent finishing 6th and beating good programs like Edina. It was a tougher competition for the girls than the boys. The top girls time wasn’t far from the 3 Middleton sub 4:20 boys. The girl from GET and Denmark did fine and weren’t far from third but have a lot of work to do if they want to make nationals. I didn’t see the Madison West phenom freshman but didn’t look too hard just wanted to post the results. After another quick look I don’t think Madison west girls competed


What happened to Stillwater guys?? Were they not entered.


@westharrier I didn’t see Stillwater. As far as I know they haven’t been as strong since the early Eli krahn era but they do have one of the top individuals in Minnesota this year. To echo zen comment on George bond I think Hudson overall ran well and can be a top 8-10 team this year. Lastly, I watched the race and although Caleb Easton finished almost 35 seconds off the leader, he was in the race with 1000 meters to go or so but never looked strong. That being said he ran fine for well over 2 miles and I expect in a few weeks when they get him ready to peak for state he will do much better as long as he stays healthy. I still think madoch needs to run significantly better to make nationals but Wayzata is somewhat down this year so the path to nationals for the boys race isn’t overly tough. I plan to watch the girls race today (before kickoff) to see how are 2 young ladies ran and if the results are “different” then how the actual race went down


I don’t recall Stillwater ever competing at the Griak Invitational. I thought they compete in the Alexandria Invitational the same weekend but looking at their schedule it’s a different weekend.