Grenadian Medal Hopes Train on Grass


Found this article on letsrun’s homepage:

It talks about how Kirani James and Rondell Bartholomew train on grass and RB even started out on sand. Bartholomew says he starts his season on grass alone and moves onto the track as the year progresses.

It’s not a terribly long article. I thought it was interesting because Michael Granville, holder of all four class records in the 800 for US high school students, trained exclusively on grass. We all know Cerutty loved to make Herbo sprint up sand dunes too, and he fared pretty well. Maybe grass won’t turn an excellent athlete into a world beater, but it’s a wonder that it isn’t utilized more in developed countries where world-class facilities are all the rage. Huh. :slight_smile:


Didn’t Greer take down Granville’s junior class record?


Mike ran 1:47.96, Elijah ran 1:47.68.

The delineation between seasons is not cut and dry. Elijah ran that time on June 20th, which for pretty much all states is after the scholastic season ends. It was reported as a record breaking mark however, so you are correct. The wikipedia page that I got my info from on Mike Granville should be updated. Thank you for the correction.