Greatest HS double ever?


German Fernandez

2008 CIF State Finals 1600

2008 CIF State Finals 3200


Yes, nough said


Wow! Amazing double! What is that kid doing now?


Had a great start to his college career at OSU and then slowly started to stagnate. I believe he’s with the Bowerman Track Club now, but sadly hasn’t touched his old form in years.


German Fernandez

Videos below depict when German Fernandez was turning into something of a USA distance prodigy but as another poster said he hasn’t touched his old form in years. The 14:24 at the CIF state meet was like a “shot heard 'round the world” because of the rich history of individuals (Meb K, Marc Davis, Ricky Q, both Hall brothers) to run this same course.

2007 CIF Division IV State Cross Country Finals

2009 NCAA Indoor Mile Champion

2009 NCAA Outdoor 1500 Champion

After watching these races I have to wonder if there was a 12:55 in him or better. Will we still see him pop a 3:34 or a 13:20 in the next five years? Would not surprise me as he has tremendous athletic ability. Twenty-four to forty-eight weeks of solid training would more than likely get him there and, plus, he’s only 26 now but the window of opportunity for international prowess is seemingly gone. Moreover, the fire is gone.


I wonder if Nico Young can take either of these this year? Tall order for a junior but 3:48/8:40 already on record makes this question valid.