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I was looking at the results from the state meet and thought that the 2011 races had some of the best performances both as a team and as individuals that I have seen.

Comparing team champions since 1999
Division 2 girls team
Fastest #1 - 1423
Second fastest #2 - 14:49
Fastest #3 - 14:58
Fastest #4 (tie) 15:17
Fastest #5 - 15:45
Best Team Average

Comparing team champions since 1999
Division 3 girls team
Oshkosh Lourdes
Fastest #1 - 15:10
Fastest #2 - 15:16
Second fastest (tie) #3 - 15:59
Fastest #4 (tie) - 16:02
Second fastest #5 - 16:30
Best average of the team champions

Lets not forget Molly, 4 time state champ…
Allie Fons - New D1 state record

I haven’t looked at the D1 girls history yet or any of the guys races but it looks like a great state meet.


Yeah, I thought so too. I took a look back over the boys D3 results since 2000 and Darlington is the only D3 team in that stretch to have a team average under 17 most aren’t even close. Sheboygan Lutheran won it a few years without even having a single runner under 17. Grantsburg and Kenosha St. Joseph’s times this year were also better than almost all of the state champs in the past 12 years. Pretty amazing state meet for sure.


Also, as far as I could tell, Tyson Miehe has the fastest time at state in D3 ever. Correct me if I’m wrong.


As far as times at the Ridges, Miehe ties Jason Wilkinson’s 1988 mark but three others have run faster 5000m times at state. If you convert Jim Brice’s three mile times from 1976 and 1977 his 77 mark is the fastest. Apparently he broke 14 at his sectional that year before running the 15:36c at state in 1977.



If you don’t count Darlington, then 06 was a much tougher year than this year was. I just had to prove a point against Kenosha here as well, not only would they not have been better than the 06 Champs, they probably would not have even been in the top five teams - when comparing them to the fifth place team Aquinas who had almost an identical build for the team. Grantsburg is only slightly better than Fennimore was for second place, which also means they were only slightly better than Brookfield Academy and Sevastapol.

Also of note, two out of the three years Sheboygan won they had a guy under 17. In 05 their second runner went 17:00, had he been half a second faster then they would have had two sub-17’s in 05 and 06.

Team Scores for 06
Sheboygan 77
Fennimore 95
Brookfield 97
Sevastapol 105
Aquinas 120

Sheboygan (1st place in 06)
Bolgert 16:29
S. Hasenstein 16:46
Z. Hasenstein 17:05
Begalke 17:25
Lindau 18:01
Average: 17:09

Fennimore (2nd place in 06)
Nicholson 17:01
Bendorf 17:12
Stuckey 17:25
Thurner 17:40
Goodman 17:48
Average: 17:25

Grantsburg (2nd place in 11)
Zack Arnold 16:53
Kyle Roberts 17:08
Jacob Ohnstad 17:13
Richard Schneider 17:42
Daniel Biorn 17:47
Average: 17:21

Aquinas (5th place in 06)
Wilhelmy 16:08
Bosshard 16:28
Sterba 17:55
Grady 18:00
Watson 18:05
Average: 17:19

Kenosha (3rd place in 11)

Kevin Ryan 10 16:27
Steve Nelson 12 16:53
Javi Rodriguez 12 17:39
Avery Scopp 11 18:06
Ryan Puc 12 18:07
Average: 17:27

I’m just sick of seeing you (ccdude31) constantly post how much better this year was then any other year, especially when I know the 06 year so well.


Ben, thanks for correcting me! I knew that I didn’t have complete knowledge of this, which is why I said exactly that. It just seemed like a good year. I didn’t have the time to do exact calculations but what you just posted did enforce that it was a strong year. I didn’t say that grantsburg and kenosha were better than the winners every year but that (going just by times) it seems like they would have quite a few years.
You can’t take Darlington out. And going back through 2000, they are the only team to break 17 for team average in D3 right? And there was one year when Sheboygan didn’t have a runner under 17 and won right? I’m not trying to take anything away from anyone else - also I have nothing to do with any of the schools I’ve been mentioning so it’s not like I’m trying to blow my own horn. You’re right Kenosha really wasn’t amazing as a 3rd comparatively this year and Grantsburg wasn’t ridiculous either. 2006 was a great year too, it seems like the two are pretty comparable with Darlington having the edge over Sheboygan. It’s interesting that Grantsburg had a better average time than the 2nd place team but not the 5th. Cross Country’s a unique sport that way huh?
Thanks Zen for the info on Individual winners. I wasn’t sure if anyone had run faster than Miehe but thought I’d read that no one had broken 16 in D3 (at the ridges that is).


Aquinas had an unreal 1-2 punch, they had the individual champion in Wilhelmy, plus a podium finisher in Bosshard… it was unfortunate for them that they had the slowest 3rd, 4th, and 5th out of the top five teams. A lot of years they would have been able to win state with what they had.

Interestingly enough, the next year Aquinas did win state; however, Bosshard had moved to a school in Colorado. Had he stayed at Aquinas they would have put on a show that even Darlington might not have been able to imitate this year. Bosshard went on to run a 15:43 at Footlocker MW that year.

Also, sorry for jumping on you like that… I just have a strong connection to the 06 season.


No prob,
Wow! That would have been impressive. I suppose that Aquinas isn’t used to having guys leave them huh? They’re usually the ones doing the recruiting - impressive program though.
Another thing to consider about this year was the spectacular weather. I can’t imagine that we’ve had many years as beautiful as this one. Certainly doesn’t hurt times.


they recruit for xc?? fill me in!


Well, I don’t know how accurate what I’ve heard is but a number of people from schools down in that area have complained about it. Different runners from GET, Blair Taylor, Melrose-Mindoro have said things here and there about how much they dislike Aquinas because they’ve taken some of their better runners. Now, is that a spill-over attitude of the feelings they have for Aquinas in other sports where they definitely recruit? I don’t know. I don’t live there and don’t know for sure but I’ve heard stuff like this from a lot of people.




They do occasionally, although Micheal and Pat have been in their “middle school” before they started running. But there have been numerous athletes that were recruited by Aquinas. (Bronson K, Byron Neal, and Jimmy W)


Heard they recruited Simones to be Wilhelmy’s personal slave, conveniently enough he turned out to be a decent runner. Joe Bosshard transferred when he too wanted a personal slave, but contract negotiations fell through and he entered free agency.


back to the original topic here, looking a little closer it depends on whether you are looking at the top teams or depth. Taking a cursory glance at D3 boys it seems that while there were some very good top teams this year, it wasn’t very deep. Only 6 teams this year had a team average lower than 18. The last two teams might have been two of the weaker teams we’ve ever seen at state (they come out of a really weak sectional). Comparing to last year, we (Immanuel Lutheran) were 13th last year. I took our times from last year and plugged them into this years meet and we’d have been 9th. I know this is only really comparing two years but last year didn’t seem like that strong of a year and yet after the top three teams every other team was better in 2010 than it’s 2011 counterpart, some of them by quite a bit. So it is what it is I guess.


Earlier some people were comparing Darlington in 2011 and Sheboygan Lutheran in 2006 as 2 of the most dominant teams in recent years. Another team that is right up there is the 2009 state champs of Cedar Grove Belgium, they averaged 17:05 across their top 5.

Josh Mulloy- 16:15
Joel Merritt- 16:45
Richard Beabout- 17:23
TJ DuMez- 17:26
Alex Holle- 17:35

This was their times at state in 2009, but Mulloy won the D3 title a year before with a 16:07, and in 2009 his closest competition was 15 seconds behind, so he wasn’t exactly pushed very hard. Also DuMez was dealing with a hernia the entire year, and while he ran a 17:26 at state, he ran a 17:10 at Sectionals. Their total score was 68, in my opinion they are the best D3 team behind Darlington this year of course


After seeing this post, I decided to take a look at all of the teams back to 1999 and the averages and so on… I’m in college and had five hours to waste between classes today.

I’ll just post what I have for overall averages each year for scorers and also the average for the top five team’s scorers.

1999: Overall: 17:59; Top Five: 17:50 (ten teams total)
2000: 18:04; 17:45 (switched to fourteen teams)
2001: 17:57; 17:34
2002: 18:00; 17:34
2003: 17:53; 17:22
2004: 18:15; 17:53
2005: 18:17; 17:43
2006: 18:01; 17:19 (switched to sixteen teams)
2007: 18:06; 17:37
2008: 17:53; 17:21
2009: 18:04; 17:23
2010: 17:58; 17:39
2011: 18:08; 17:30

Just remember that these times do not take weather or course conditions into account at all.

The top five teams based on team average time during this span (or being pushed, Kolas Calculator style).
Darlington 2011 16:56
Cedar Grove-Belgium 2009 17:04
Sheboygan 2006 17:09
Webster 2008 17:10
Boscobel 2003 17:14 (pushed in ahead of McDonell Central 2001 17:13 by beating Frederic 2003 17:12)

The best team to ever be left off of the podium - Grantsburg 2003 with a 17:12 average.

Another random ranking of teams based on spread at State (must also finish top three in team standings)
Rib Lake 1999 Champion, 25 seconds
Boscobel 2003 Champion, 31 seconds
The Prairie School 2009 Runner-up, 37 seconds
Kenosha St Joseph’s 2010 Champion, 41 seconds
Fennimore 2006 Runner-up, 47 seconds

That is all I’m going to post for now, I’ll probably dissect this some more later… if there is anything in particular you want to know just ask me.