Great Races at MOC


There will be some great races at MOC Thursday. The 3200 will be great because you have the top two returners from last year, the 1600 should be hot as usual. I am excited to see the 800, because you have so many runners that are capable of going 1:50. This is going to be a great meet. Any sub 1:50’s possible?


Yes, many things are possible. Look at Cal State Results and what happens with depth. NJ is like East California right now. Take Group 4 3200m, run the first half a bit quicker, add in 2 x Rosa, Morgan Pearson, and maybe a Haddonfield guy, etc. and you could see a lot of 9-flat’s or better. Don’t think an NJ Meet of Champs has ever had more than 2 in one race?

Boys 8 will be great. Where is Admirand going to college???

Boys 1600, depends who runs…Rono with the JR double is possible. I like Lewandowski and Ball a lot. A low # from George Kelly will not suprise me.

Girls 3200…no clear favorite. Venables was beaten at Group meet and won MoC last year. Holmdel course record…she’s pretty good. Bischoff very much underrappreciated…2nd at MoC x-c, 18-low. She may be the favorite? Bernards’ Giordano, frosh Barry, etc., also unheralded Iacone.

Girls 1600…defending champ, quickly regaining form Cladia DiSomma and outgoing great Amaral.

Girls 800- Wilson-McNamara.

And then I guess there are other events, too. Nick Vena. Najee Glass. Great crop of sprinters in the 100. Frosh Olivia Baker.

What will be interesting, is the schedule is a bit different this year, overlapping with NCAA’s…last year, NCAA’s was the following week, so EVERYBODY was there…pretty crowded around the shot put circle. Pay close attention trackside during that girls 800, lets see who will rack up some extra frequent flyer miles betwixt NJ and Iowa this week!



yep, fastest 3rd-place time is Soloff 9:01.76 in 2007 (although I guess Hallinan converts pretty close (9:02.2-ish?)

from 1989 through 2005, the span of 17 consecutive meets, the third-place time was never faster than 9:15 and was often well into the 9:20s or even in the low 9:30s

since then:
2006 – 9:08.16, Jeff Perrella, Westfield
2007 – 9:01.76, Kyle Soloff, Morris Hills
2008 – 9:09.04, Christian Baumbach, Hopewell Valley
2009 – 9:07.06, Jeremy Elkaim, Livingston
2010 – 9:02.46, Mike Mazzacaro, CBA

so the fastest 3rd-place times before 2006 are all from the 1980s and earlier
9:05.4y … Chris Hallinan (Bernards), 1976
9:05.7 … Eric Bernsten (Ridgewood), 1987
9:07.6 … Harry Carle (Bergen Catholic), 1985
9:08.8 … Frank Lamberti (Mahwah), 1983
9:09.8 … Andy Jacob (Westfield), 1984
9:12.3 … Art Almedia (Kearny), 1988

I don’t have non-winning marks from 1970 and 1974, so there could possibly be additions

I’m seeing the same patterns in just about every distance event – the 1970s and 1980s were very deep, the 1990s and first few years of the 2000s were unbelievably thin and now we’re seeing insane speed & depth across the board

fun to watch


Amirand is going Ivy. To Cornell next year.

Speaking of Cornell, do not overlook sister of a Cornell stalwart and former NJ great from Central Jersey, in the 3200.


Believe Ms. DiSomma was selected for Dream Mile on 6/11 (along with Ajee Wilson and Molly McNamara). Will she run 1600 at MOC and Dream Mile?


You did not mention Jim Rosa in the 1600 for boys to watch. Is he running with Joe in the 3200? If you add Jim that might make for the race of the meet with all of the talent already in the race.


As of now, Jim and Joe are planning to run the 3,200.


Didn’t forget, but he’s already won that…just hoping strongly that the last time we get to see them race in NJ that they are on track together Hanson Brothers Style, albeit with sort of different haircuts right now. In what I hope to be the first of many MoC’s that my son gets to watch, I would love to be able to have the memory and story that he got to see both of them together with Elkaim, Pearson and others.

Side note, how about Colin Frost? Turning out to be an OK resume? And a nice 9:14 from Jake Ruskan. There’s more there, too.

Speaking of more there, I don’t mean to overlook the 1600 or 800. Patrick Rono? He is going to become great, truly great.

Kellner…she should get special parking place or something to offset her coach! Ha. Will root for her just for those great yellow and green Duck-sytle uniforms. See? Kinder, gentler and non-biased/bitter me. Ms. McNamara? Stanford? Who wouldn’t want to go there…what a place. Same with The Brothers Rosa! Following in the footsteps of Brad and Brent Hauser!!! (I’ve never not called them Frick and Frack, by the way). Confession, while typing this I am weeping uncontrollably and need to change my Depends…might need a whole new box.



Hello? 3200…Mike O’Dowd! 9:06 doesn’ t get you much respect anymore!


You believe incorrectly. And how in the world do these dudes running the “Dream Mile” not invite Joelle Amaral? Sub-4:50 for the full mile and second in the Nationals indoors is not good enough?


Ok. Fair enough. Do we know who was selected? Are the Rosas running?


They are on the start list, which is here


the rosas are going to run a fast 3200 on thursday then run the dream mile on saturday?? they are tough, tough guys but that seems very challenging. with lv, ches and ossier(sp?) from california they will have their work cut out for them.
molly mac should be in that girls race.


Molly Mac is in the girls Dream Mile.


Cheserek is now listed with one of those “/01/01” Kenyan type birthdays we see so often, also as 1993, I thought he was 17 in 2/2011

Does anyone know 100% which is correct? And yes, it does make a big difference if he is an 18 year old soph or not.

Also, this is an incredibly short field even for one of these, what about the Pa kid who ran 4:07 mile last week?