Great Eight Invitational


Don’t know how many(if any) TN peeps will/have transferred over from the ‘stat, but I thought I’d try and get the ball rollin’ here.

Great day today at Vanderbilt, wish I had been there to see the meet in person.


Notables on the guys side include…
Bryson Lillard of BA doubles in the 110/300 hurdles - 14.72/38.79
Kevin Lazas comes back from Arcadia to put up a nice double in the PV/SP - 15’6"/50’9"
Ford Bell takes the mile - 4:15
4 under 11.0 in the 100, Derick King of BA wins in 10.68

aaand perhaps the biggest of them all
6 under 2:00 in the 800 :blink:
Quamel Prince of Antioch takes it in 1:53.90
…and he’s listed as a SOPHMORE? could have some big things down the road from him.


149’ Girls Disc

1:53 800m after running the 1600…