Grand Prix Boys Mile


Not much about this, should be interesting?

Is this right?


Is Ches already 19 as a Junior in HS? I thought he just turned 18(which would be older than most, but not that old, so he will be 20 years old with 6 months of season left as a senior?

I thought it was a mis print, seriously.


what are the rules for setting high school records regarding age? will his records count next year if he somehow breaks them?

can you run footlocker and nxn as a 19 year old, run track nationals as a 20 year old?


In an interview that we did with Edward and Mary Hannon at the Poreda Invite on 2/1/12, Edward was going to celebrate his 18th birthday the following day.

Edward Cheserek Interview


IAAF lists his birth date as 2/2/94


Hey I just pulled the info off of the site, easy, easy

That is what I thought

someone should contact them and fix it, it just furthers the usual stuff


Is there even a single authoritative source on age (other than an actual birth certificate)? While I doubt it would happen, All-Athetics (where the 1993 date came from) could claim they are “right” not IAAF.


I heard Ches was born in the same Kenyan village as Obama :smiley:


yeah, the midwife was donald trump!


Speaking of the Adidas Grand Prix, I noticed Ajee Wilson and Amy Weissenbach are listed in the women’s 800m against the pros. I wonder if Miss Wilson will run the 1600girls or 400 at the MOC instead on Thursday.


Neither. 800 according to Rich Bevensee.

Note that in 2013 the adidas Grand Prix event in New York will be on Saturday, May 25. No Jersey kids who are run for NJSIAA schools can run; probably sectionals that day. Lots of other state meets, sectionals, regionals, districts, etc that day. They will have a veryhard time getting top high school kids to run there.


Can’t run or will likely choose not to?



Well, you can choose to run the Dream Mile and not run the sectionals or state meet whichever works out to be that weekend but then what was the point of running for you high school team all season?


I agree, what would be the point, but the way you stated it sounded like there would be repercussion from the NJSIAA. Just the way I read it.

(Sorry if this is offensive to Roob.)



Unless I am missing something, they are cutting off Live coverge of this event on TV and webcast right at the time the mile is supposed to go off?


Sadly you appear to be correct. Supposed to be on NBC from 3PM - 4:30pm. Boys Dream Mile is 5:00. Hopefully they will show Womens 800 with Wilson et al at 3:23PM

Schedule is here



It seems worse than that

Looks like Wilson race is outside the window on the other side of 3:30

Samsung Diamond League - adidas GP Is Saturday - Live On NBC 3:30-5:00 PM *Stream 3-5 PM *Start Lists/Results

I do not think they care much about HS races, But they do not know their audience, I do not think,most track nuts would want to see a sub 4 attempt by HS’ers


I believe you are right it appeasr letsrun have corrected in a post what still appears on their front page it is:

3:00 -4;30