Government Policy Change


After months of sharing my Coloradoian domain with DirtyRobe, I’ve decided that only I deserve to be the Supreme Grand Dictator of Colorado, due to DR’s complete lack of posting and love for the aforementioned region.


I support you, because of your close connection to Luke Verbus and success in boosting the post count in Colorado.

P.S. Since your an Illinois native, you can also slip me some benefits under the table for my support right?


What kind of politician would I be if I didn’t lie, cheat, and steal to better my own standing? Of course I can give you kickbacks for supporting my fascist regime.


what about the naked pics on twitter???


Those will come after I get a seat in congress


I will organize an underground rebellion to overthrow your rule and appear as a people’s champion until I finally attain power at which point I will then satisfy only my own gluttonous desires. Mark my words chubs, Colorado will be mine! Viva la revolution!!!


I guess this coup failed. This isnt some banana republic in the carrabean where the government changes every other year, this is COLORADO and we know whats down. Chubs has been good to us.


Wow I really appreciate that. I will have to post more women in the goats and ho’s thread for you.


Hey chubs…