GOP Debate - some highlights


Trump interferes War on Women grill session with a slam on Rosie O’Donnell

Rick Perry forced to back pedal answering a question about Trump in the polls

Priceless question issued to Jeb Bush on Dynastic Politics

Rand Paul tells Chirs Christie to hug Obama

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Part 2:


Christie and Kasich (maybe Bush) are the only ones with a reasonable chance of appealing to anyone outside of the right, so of course they have no chance of making it out of the primaries. Same as Johnson and Huntsman in '12.


Megyn Kelly has a very nice speaking voice beyond that I saw no reason to get up and dance on the table (or stay awake for). If this assemblage is the cream of the crop (and the Dem group is no better) we are in for a bumpy ride into a gloomy future…


Also, the fact that these things have huge audiences is ridiculous. It basically makes it a contest for who can make the best zinger. It’s a joke.