Good try milton


Unfortunately nxn south east was the toughest region this year and despite a great 1-2 punch that will both be at nationals, the 3-5 between 16 flat and 16:16 was not good enough and not as good as they usually run and perhaps they needed to travel more to be pushed more. Cary 15 second split between their 1-5 runner was impressive in this crowded of a race although if Milton could have moved up to 4th they may have been voted in. That being said a few individuals will make it as will a sophomore in the foot locker race. The teams in this region and individuals may have been the best in the country along with the Midwest


If Nick Yanek stayed at Pleasant Valley he likely would have brought them to NXN out of Heartland.


That’s probably true. He likely would be top 5


Our sophomore that made foot locker nationals is from sonoia a town of 4,000 people but more importantly where they cast the walking dead


The SE Regional had what is probably the top team and top individual in the country but I am not sure that the overall regional was the toughest. I predict that the number 2 team from the SE will finish behind the number 2 teams from many other regionals. On the individual side, I think the guys will finish in proportion with the other regionals. I think the NXR Midwest Regional may have been the toughest. They have 5 of the top 12 ranked guys.


You were right I definetly gave this region too much credit as Cary and the Florida team were at the bottom of the race although Loundon valley did win Nike nationals easily. Milton had a very good team in the middle of the year their 3-5 did not have a good race unfortunately


Midwest placed all 5 individuals in the top 18. The 5th runner beat some of the other region’s top runners and most 2nd runners. Some of the top runners from the Midwest were watching at home who could have been top 30 in the race. It felt that way on the team side also where some 3rd teams from other regions were left out primarily because Loudon Valley was so good and got the committee excited about the SE.