Good running movies


i’m looking to get back into racing shape. i need some good running movies to watch high, and get back into a competitive mind set, after hardly running. inb4 pre, without limits.


Long Green Line


Forest Gump


wait… what?


The Long Run
Running Brave
Chariots of Fire
Athens 1896


bonus internetz 4 links.


I dislike you. Four Minutes


Fire on the Track


Your stealing Wait…What?'s thunder.


Personal Best




get high
watch movie with new perspective
enjoy it on a deeper level


Why does everyone hate on fiskefan666? everyone on here needs to chill with their pre-teen-esque attitudes and realize that, YES, some runners smoke weed. How can this whole ****ing forum be so ignorant and naive to think that every runner on here jerks off to the perfect/healthy lifestyle. Sorry bros, but for some people, running to them is just for fun/ competition, not living and breathing the lifestyle.



The Running Man




If you were referring to my post, I hate him because of how annoying he is in the Sub 19:00 5K thread. I don’t give a **** if he smokes weed.


damn hulu not working in foreign countries.

EDIT: also contrary the title, Marathon Man is NOT a running movie, but a good one anyway.


any1 know where i can find once a runner, online?