Good lord do i hate people


i see this just as i’m praising my old high school in another thread. this guy was always a huge dirtbag. he gave me **** for not running with the whole team, didnt seem to understand that it doesnt make sense for the top guys to do runs with 25 minute 5k runners. if people could spread this around on facebook twitter whatever, i want this assclown to lose his job or at least feel the heat


Could be worse. The dean at my old high school just got caught innapropriately texting a boy in the senior class.


The opportunity for jokes here really boggles the mind.


lol outstanding. Not my favorite stevenson related story recently though, that honor belongs to micky’s sister getting naked on screen in american reunion.


No shit? I hadn’t heard that. Just knew she was really hot and doing some modeling. Guess I’ll be seeing that movie.


you can see her in the trailer, she plays the girl next door that jim used to babysit for (kara).


who is micky’s sister.

who is kara.

this is relevant to my internets


micky=micky cobrin, former runner from phrisbee’s old HS that still competes representing israel. His sister is an actress in the movie american reunion, playing the character of Kara, who shows off her surgically enhanced rack during the movie.


“I’ve got kids who have bled for me for six years now,”

interesting quote from the article. 6 years to graduate hs…


Anywhere I have played sports the only time a senior is guaranteed play time is senior night. Any other time it is whoever does the job best.


Summer leagues/camps in some sports in some areas have middle schoolers. York always used to have the youngsters at xc camp.


also i believe in NY you can play varsity sports as early as 7th grade.


How it should be.

I was up in baseball as a Soph. A lot of people were butthurt. I was better, plain and simple.

There is a shorter leash, other kids were sent down after a few weeks. But, If the player can handle it, it’s better for the program.

No one would keep a 4:10 miler on the soph team, should be same for any sport.


My small attempts to see 'Kara’s" boobs failed. She is hot though.


My freshman year in football I was the only freshman to actually start on the JV my year and apparently there had only been a few other guys who had done that in recent memory, which is surprising to me it really isn’t all that crazy sounding to me, but I actually had a sophomore corner me in the locker room and tell me to actually play worse so he could get “his spot.” Same guy who cornered me got pulled up for playoffs at the end of our regular season and I didn’t even though the night they made the announcement I had blood on my jersey and had to go out a play so they could bleach it out and that guy subbed in for me for that play. Upperclassmen preference is dumb.


birm was the varsity coach but he was very involved in the youth leagues around marcellus and in the middle school program. i played ball for one year and he was so helpful even to some no talent lanky kid


I hope you live in Texas. At least that would somewhat make sense to me.


I honestly blame the parents the most for living vicariously through their children.


Nah brah live in NC. If I lived in Texas I would seriously play something like golf or soccer. Football there is insane.

Edit: Funny story. Guy always had a chip on his shoulder because his dad was a local legend in football in our city and it was obvious he wasn’t very good, he had heart I’ll give him that though, he stuck with it for four years never starting except senior night.


The one thing I hate more than people who go on junior masterchef are parents who get their kids to go on junior masterchef


Football in the Carolinas is just as serious, I think.