Gold Cup


It officially starts in about 15 minutes. LOL!!!

Who’s everyone’s pick? I’ll never pick against the U.S… That being said, Mexico… more percisely Chicarito, are back, unfortunately:mad: If it comes to a U.S./Mexico final, can we handle Hernandez?

Up first, Canada. WOOOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!



**** Mexico.


Agudelo and Altidore up front together. Looks good on paper, but I was not impressed with how they worked with each other. I just don’t think they complement each other very well. I hope they learn to develope the chemistry, because they could be lethal.


Essentially the same striker, IMO, and I think Agudelo (AKA The Chosen Juan) will be better than Jozy by the next WC.

Anyway, we looked terrible against Spain, IMO, and it looks like the German rightback might not want to play for us (I read he refused the invite for the Spain game).

Mexico is better than us right now, no doubt.


What happened to Gomez?

I only care because his bro is a decent fighter and on another board we were all rooting for him during the WC.


He sucks.


Oh… well ok then.



I hope that gets Altidore back to his old self. What a quick strike!


is it on tv?


I was just trying to get Jozy to step up!

I’m not watching, how was it?


Fox soccer channel




Should’ve been saved. But, was a good shot in terms of getting it on net and giving himself a chance to score.


He turned so quickly, the goalie would have had to kown he was going to take the shot before he did.

Two more good shots by the U.S. Let’s get one more before half!!


Poor positioning imo should of been saved but the Bradley shot turned passed/deflection should of been a goal (no idea how he missed that) so it all evens out.


If Dempsey would have made that shot, I dare to say that more than my shirt might have come off:eek:


And on cue!!!


Clothes still on, don’t worry;)


I hope Dempsey leaves Fullham and joins a club where he has a chance win some trophies.

AC Milan or Arsenal seems like decent fits for him


sick goal


That was sexy.