GMC Championships


here’s a little preview




Both of these races have been over for 30 minutes, where are the Live Results directed to by the Link?


Slow your roll, King.
Gotta talk to these kids first before I run back to the car and pump out the results.
Check the link again.


hey, it is touted as LIVE RESULTS,. do not blame me for looking for them, that is the idea right?

I know what great jobs you guys do, I was just looking for them, that is all. See the power of the LINK?:smiley:


Live results, yes. My apologies for the misnomer.
In the future I will be more careful with my wording so as not to get your heart racing prematurely.


thank you


FULL results



congrats to Coach Gebauer - a class act.


Mr. G is the best.


I’d like to congratulate to the entire Metuchen girls program for bringing home the GMC trophy for the first time in 30 years.
I also wanted to apologize to Metuchen coach Kelli Holleran for spelling her name wrong in the Sunday Star-Ledger. It was one of those things where I knew how to spell her name after dealing with her husband, Marty, for so many years, but for whatever reason, just didn’t type it correctly.
Congrats to Kelli and the Metuchen girls. Enjoy it!