Giants Should Activate Bonds


He’s better than Pat Burrell.


yes. they should.


or they just just have one of there current players start taking large amounts of steroids


**** bonds and his steroid taking ass



nah we should just have him dh the away games.

x_x x_x :cool: :cool:



I say forget Bonds, who has probably developed tits by now, and activate Will ‘The Thrill’ Clark. That dude’s swing was second only to Griffey Jr.


dont know about clark, but i agree, there is not a better pure swing in my lifetime than Jr.


It would be better if the Rangers resurrected Nolan Ryan


He’s not dead.


I had a little league coach who used to always tell these two lefties on our team to watch nothing but John Olerud swings. He had the most perfect swing in history. But it would be really funny because in batting practice he would always chant “Olerud, Olerud” every time they were in the cage.

Unless they faced in an all star game, Bonds and Ryan never met. I think they should for this world series. It would be unreal.


screw bonds, the giants should just hire victor conte.


Some kid I know know’s someone or has a friend who knows someone who after a game pulled the hotel groupie move, just waited in the lobby. She got up in Burrell’s hotel room, doing what groupies do, and halfway through Burrell just starts yelling “HOW DOES IT FEEL TO **** PAT BURRELL?” continuously.



Not sure if I said this here before or not.

But an acquaintance was at a bar Patrick Kane was at with the Stanley Cup. The girl asked to take a picture of it with him, but PK would only do it if she showed him her tits.

I’m an even bigger fan now. I would do the same thing.


Isn’t Kane the dude who beat up a taxi driver too? What a guy.


I dont think they beat up the driver, just didn’t tip him well or something. Don’t remember exactly. There were some words exchanged. He was with his cousin who properly took the fall for whatever happened.

Either way, he’s 21 and likes to party with a mullet. My kind of guy.


Hockey players are really good from what I know too. Ryan Whitney left a giel I know a voicemail basically saying she should sleep with him because he has a 24 million dollar contract.


i worked at the arena that Stamkos played his junior hockey at. needless to say, dude is a mad baller. he got taylor swift on video.


Is this the kind of video I’m thinking?


did she show him? Also patty kane is the man.