Gerry Lindgren...BS or truth?


I’m connected with him on FB and he makes some odd comments on there. Here are some recent ones:

Many years ago, before there was a running revolution, training and racing was a LOT different. For one thing, we didn’t have specialized running outfits and very few specialized running shoes. You wore whatever you had (cut offs, gym shorts, whatever. I ran in lather shorts from Germany (leiterhosen) for a long time.

But it was the training itself that was different. Now there is a WHOLE LOT of jogging. The running revolution was a jogging craze more than a racing craze. It changed how we THINK as runners. The line between jogging and training disappeared. Slow running, which used to be the forte of the health craze, became the training method of choice for everyone. Go easy and sprint at the finish, became the thinking.

Now, back to the beginning…racing was a dog-eat-dog situation. I used to enter a race thinking, What do I have to do to make the other runners better? How can I shake them up? Strategy was formed. Made for a great spectator sport.

Yes! I watched the weight training fad rip apart the very fabric of distance running; saw Americans get more and more out of touch with hard work out there on the roads while foreign athletes did the world and dominated. Wish someone would go back to the work once again…

I ran a 4-mile XC course (Mt. Sac) in 16:08. Still the fastest time on their 4-mile course by more than a minute/half. But nothing ever came of it…

Regarding the Washington state records:

I ran 4:01 mile and 8:40 two-mile back then. If someone would just put in jillions of miles during summer training and then race workout a couple days a week during the early season training, both of those marks would be gone.

Is that Mt. Sac time for real? I don’t believe you can average 4:02/mile over a cross country course…guys can’t even do it on the track for 5000 meters.


who’s this scrub?


Regardless of whether or not this is the actual Gerry, you are reading the work of a very good troll. Enjoy it.


Pretty sure it’s him…he’s also connected with some real old time athletes from the 60’s and they’ve posted on his page. He does seem to post things that only he would know.


I’m guessing you are sorta playing along as opposed to challenging him. Maybe if you could somehow quiz him on these acheivements…

1964 (Olympic Trial)29.02.0 TR1
1965 (USA Champ.)27.11.6 WR2
1968 (Olympic Trial)30.44.251970 (USA Champ.)28.05.85
1971 (USA Champ.)27.46.44

Could also ask him about Bill Henry and Rick Reilly two WSU teammates of his.


So Gerry is being a very good troll. This wouldn’t exactly be aberrant behavior given what we know about him. He was never “close to breaking 2 hours in a marathon” as the real Gerry claimed just as he never ran anything close to 16:08 in a 4 mile XC course.

Like I said: enjoy the entertainment. My favorites are all of the comments on his status updates.


I don’t post on his timeline because it seems there are a lot of butt kissers on there who will defend him. I’ve heard and read that he’s kind of a weird dude and his posts seem to verify that.


I have a ton of info about him. Quiz him.


You should ask him the name/age/school/winning time of the CIF championships 200m back in 1973.


That would be way too easy…

Clancy Edwards 21.2 Santa Ana, who went to what college prior to USC?

If he ran track at WSU he’ll know about Bill Henry. Just that simple.


1968 NCAA long jump

Pertti Pousi
Brigham Young University 26-3 1/2 10 John Johnson University of California, Los Angeles 26-1/4 8 Jim Blaisdell Brigham Young University 25-8 6 Stan Royster University of California, Berkeley 25-2 3/4 4 Stan Whitley University of Kansas 25-2 2 Aaron Hopkins University of Toledo 24-10 1/4 1 Bill Henry##### Washington State University 24-8 Gary Rainwater University of Missouri, Columbia 24-6 3/4 Earl McCollouch University of Southern California 24-4 1/2 Bob Hanrahan Brigham Young University 23-11 1/2 Craig Vaughn Stanford University 23-10 1/2 Jerry Boswell Ohio University 23-9 1/2

Asking…“hey Gerry ever run into old WSU high jumper Bill Henry?”…that should get a …“you mean long jumper.”


saying he did 16:08 for 4 miles reminds me of this guy i knew who said that back in the day in highschool the kids he was running against were all going 1:50 for the 800. he said his best 1500 was something like 4:40 and that his best 3000 time was 8:XX . i just nodded and that was that. also reminds me of my physics teacher saying he had a guy in his hs that could do 10.3 for the 100.


The problem with that is on FB you can ignore posts and no one will hold you accountable for a non-answer. So it’s likely I’d never get a response on that. Also, he strikes me as being somewhat bi-polar, so who knows if his answer would be incorrect because of that. But that doesn’t mean it’s not him. He says a lot of stuff that is just too remote to be made up…plus as I said, former sixties athletes from his era post on his timeline, I’d think they would know if he’s bogus or not.


if he didn’t do it in the winter in trainers he’s not BA


Well then you only have four options.

A. Make it clear you think he’s bogus and ask some questions that GL would know.

B. Just play along.

C. Don’t bother with that site.

D. Go with yes he is legit.

I like D.


Was he the guy that was mad about LV being better than him?


Suddenly having a MOUSE invasion here. They seem to be everywhere. Found two holes in the wall of my water heater closet. My mouse traps have been snapping all night!


If I’m listed as a friend it’s “THE” GL. Gerry the Jogger is a ‘unique’ person to be sure.A grain of salt is required at all conversations with GL:rolleyes:


Stop judging.

This is a simple case of dyslexia.

4-miles in 16:08 was really 18:06. Sub 2 hour marathon coulda been … well, just stop judging.

Don’t think less of the man simply because he didn’t get himself killed in a car crash in the late 70’s.


i dont know what the big deal is about this lindgren guy, i once went sub 16 for a 4 mile course that was uphill both ways.