Genzebe Dibaba WR


ran 3:55.1x yesterday in germany to demolish the indoor WR by 3 seconds. 13th fastest time ever run (indoor or out) with everyone ahead of her being chinese or iron curtain athletes, so there is a decent chance this is the fastest clean time ever run.


I’ll provide the unfortunately required caveat, “assuming this was itself clean,” which now must always be asked about a great performance.


Another world record for Genzebe Dibaba today in Sweden for 3k (8:16.60).


Knocked 7 seconds off of Defar’s old record. Still 17 seconds away from Junxia’s outdoor 3000m record :rolleyes:


She’s 10.49 away from Wang, not 17s.


whoops, point remains


Indeed. Very fitting that 10.49 is included in a conversation about absurd/unbelievable women’s WRs.


Indoors, mind you. Drugged to the gills no doubt.


I thought the same thing the instant I saw that number.


Which is more silly, 10.49 or 8:06?



The 10.49 is largely thought to be wind-aided. Take away the 10.49 and you have a WR of 10.61, which is not all that far off of what Jeter and Jones (at altitude) ran. So, you know, not at all a suspect group (but far less absurd of a mark).


That’s fast…


Genzebe Dibaba 9:00.48 for 2 miles.


Not surprising at all.