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In Russia, dictator Putin jails his opponents.


In Soviet Russia, Dictator jails YOU!!!


New Congress was sworn in today. The House (read: clusterf*ck) got a new speaker in Boehner, and his inauguration speech talked about having open debate, hearing both sides, etc etc, putting an emphasis on representing individual precincts and hearing them out.

Immediately after, new House Majority Leader Cantor said that the “repeal healthcare bill” will have no amendments, earmarks, or full debate. Boehner repeated the sentiments.



Well considering how the government spent the last year getting the health care bill through, and now they want to repeal it, this is democracy doing what it does best: nothing!


Public Laws, 111th Congress (selected big-ish ones, by me)

                                      Banking and financial services regulation package                               

Cash for clunkers
Credit card regulations, tighten
Debt limit, increase to 14.294 trillion
Deepwater Horizon oil spill, authorize advances from Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund
Derivatives, government regulation of over-the-counter markets
Economic Stimulus
Executive compensation, expand regulatory oversight
Haiti, accelerate income tax benefits Haiti, debt relief
Haiti, increase emergency aid available to Americans returning after earthquake
Hate crimes, expand federal definition to include gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and disability
Health care reform
Homebuyer tax credit, extend and modify
Iran, broad range of sanctions and penalties
Jobs package
Lands bill, omnibus
Medicare “doc fix”, through Nov. 30, 2010
Mortgages, allow bankruptcy judges to modify terms National service, expand programs
Reconciliation Act
Student aid, modify loan programs
Tobacco, give FDA the authority to regulate
Unemployment benefits, extend


I like how the House looks like a 3rd grade class during reading time right now.


I know wtf:

^Seriously guys?..SERIOUSLY???


Perhaps now that they’ve read the Constitution, they will realize all the **** they’ve made up about it is wrong.


Ah good, what wonderful progress then. tag


Don’t have a link but wikilinks founder apparently has charges of rape files against him because he woke a girl up while having condomless sex with her.


That was months ago, and its not quite that


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Clinton: “There’s too much money in it”

Thus proving that she must be a drug dealer.


I really enjoyed flipping through, seems like the web set-up is pretty decent.


the Scott Morgan quote is pretty much my exact thoughts as I read the link I was saying - I would expect this from Sarah Palin -

ScottMorgan quote
I can’t help but wonder what everyone on the left would say if this preposterous analysis came from Sarah Palin, rather than Hillary Clinton. It’s the sort of profound nonsense that ought to get you skewered by Jon Stewart, yet our Secretary of State will almost certainly get a free pass on misunderstanding literally everything about the escalating violence below our border


Curveball admits lying about WMDs


I’ve said it before… Sarah Palin sounds like a complete idiot, while Hillary Clinton merely IS one.



and the guy’s bunker




Libyan forces clash with Tunisian soldiers, pushed back.