Gear Sponsorships


Question: Nike only sponsors a few athletes, but tons of semi pro and unsponsored, but top tier runners have the elite gear on in races. Likewise with other running companies. How easy is it to get gear sponsorships, not money, just free and discounted gear? What times would you need to run and who do you contact? Also, what are some of the best running company’s to ask for sponsorship?


you can apply to test products for a ton of companies. usually you just fill out a questionnaire and hope they need someone in your field with your foot size.


Does that break any NCAA rules?


Yes. I run for Brooks through their Inspire Daily program. Because of that I had to basically sign away my college running life, since getting free gear is technically getting paid (at least in my case because my school isn’t sponsored by a running company as a whole)


bad trade. can’t beat college runnin’


Word. I’m beginning to figure that out now. I run with a club that goes to most of the same meets as my college team does, but still. Probably not worth free shoes