Gandalf the White vs. Dumbledore


Who wins? Support your answer.


Dumbledore died, Gandalf didn’t.


Unanimous poll attempt?


Let’s compare some of their enemies:


…and Dumbledore got killed. Gandalf hands down.


Dumbledore had the Elder wand. He died because he knew he had to. If it was him vs Gandalf, heads up, Dumbledore couldn’t lose.


you are an idiot. gandalf was one of the oldest living things on middle earth.


Someone posted this on some thread:




Gandalf is one of the Maiar. He is of divine origin, existed before Creation, and is immortal. He was sent to Middle Earth to combat Sauron, end the time of the Elves, and bring about the time of Men. He takes down a Balrog, a demonic hellbeast of similar divine origins.

Dumbledore was a human who became magic. Gandalf was magic that took on a human form.


Dumbledore can’t get wise enough to use a gun to kill his foes. Voted Gandalf.


Gandalf of course.

But Gandalf died too… at the hands of that Balrog shown in the picture. Since Galdalf was able to come back from the dead, I’d have to say Dumbledore wouldn’t have a chance even if he got a lucky shot in, Gandalf just pops back up.


It was Gandalf the Grey who died. He also managed to kill the Balrog. Gandalf the White is his superior form; imagine what he could do.


This sums it up pretty well, Dumbledore’s a simple human whose ability to do magic is contingent upon a wand, while Gandalf is a incarnate deity who doesn’t just do “magic tricks” but fights for truth and all that is good in middle earth.

I enjoy both Harry Potter books and Lord of The Rings books, but there’s no comparison between Gandalf and Dumbledore. Harry vs. Frodo might be a worthwhile comparison but they’re still in such different worlds that it wouldn’t make too much sense. Harry might appear to be more real because he’s set more so in the real world and therefore more comparable to us, but he’s still not as much of a hero as the Frodo of the books. Frodo in the movies was a worthless pile of poop.


Alright, better poll:
Seal Team Six which killed Bin Laden Vs Voldemort.


SEALs. Voldy couldn’t kill a whiny little kid, he can’t kill a bunch of guys armed to the teeth.


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I hate you all.

Those citing Dumbledore’s death clearly do not understand him. “To the well organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.” Pretty much the entire point of Dumbledore in the books was to show how to accept death.


So you’re saying that Navy SEALs can take out Voldemort eh?


Gandalf never had to learn to accept death because he was so busy NOT ****ING BEING ABLE TO DIE.


Oh… by the way, I can’t contribute to any Gandalf talk, as I’ve never read the books since they’re horribly boring. At least Dumbledore is entertaining.


you keep harry potter books in your kitchen?