There were suspicions about Northport boys cheating at Manhattan. Seems it’s true. Didn’t run a Varsity- they ran as JV and/or Sophs, and put all their freshman in the same race. Heard they have to return shirts, medals, and trophies. Grounds for dismissal or not?


I don’t think that Northport’s motive was malicious. They simply may not have wanted to wait around for a varsity race. I understand the rule and its purpose, and if they broke it, yes, they should return their awards.


Anybody who cares enough about JV awards to a) intentionally run varsity guys in a JV race in order to win, or b) turn in a team who does (a), needs to get a life.


oh, wait until the rightfully deserving JV team hears the news.

celebrations will be had.


I’m sure there is more details to this than we’ve heard. Perhaps there team was thinking they would be outclassed in the other races and this would be suitable for them; although, they did get first…hmmm. Rethinking this line of defense


As far as I know, Northport won a frosh and a soph race, not a JV. Just to clarify.


they didn’t run their #1, tim odin, but it looks like they ran everyone else… hmm


Meet rules state that you don’t have to run a Varsity team to enter athletes in both the Freshman and Sophomore Divisions.