GAME DAY!!!! a great day to run the race of a lifetime


this would be a great place to post pre game day thoughts, tidbits from the race, visual results etc. To the athletes. These memories will last a life time so seize the moment, go for it, ENJOY it


I am confident that someone woke up this morning feeling different. they know it’s their chance to make a difference. they put in the hard work. perhaps they are the favorite. or very likely they have been close but never quite put it all together. their team wants them to succeed. their coach, their family. but today they are running for themselves. this is their legacy that nobody can take away. their experience that they can share for the rest of their life with people who care and some people that wont. this is their moment to fight through the pain with a smile. somebody woke up feeling great knowing this is their day!!! Is it that kick from the number 5 runner that seals the team title. Tannor proving he truly is wisconsin royalty or a #7 runner going nuts and finishing 4th for his team. whoever it is they know already so dont be afraid to let it out and go for it. we at track talk eagerly await that special performance as we understand the significance of this moment. pump up the noise!!!


For whatever reason this song get’s me pumped up for race day -

It reminds me of aces like Herold, Fleming and Lacy in the 60s and 70s. All the great battles and times that came from that era. Those guys were for sure rock ‘n’ roll.

Also, after the 2012 1500 in London I put it on to celebrate American Distance Running. Because after 2012 we were officially back on the world stage. No more droughts. Maybe because it’s a song about battles or maybe because the intro reminds me of the unveiling of a darkhorse. Pure bad ass-ness.