Gallon Challenge


Has anyone else done it (with milk, or I guess anything else) before? My team just had one with milk and I won it. I could only hold it in for about a minute after the hour ended before projectile vomiting though.


Wasn’t there a woman recently who died trying to drink a gallon of milk?


I did half a gallon of chocolate then a mile in 5:22 to avoid drinking the other half… (without puking)


Ive always wanted to do it.


I think that was water, and it was a lot more than a gallon.

At least with milk, your stomach will empty itself before you get close to killing yourself with a sodium imbalance.


i posted a story about this on the epic drinking stories thread, i tried doing it with milk, and the challenge was to do it in an hour and not boot, and i booted 3/4 of the way through and gave up


My 5 friends decided to sit down and do this one night. I grabbed 2%, my friend Harry grabbed whole milk, and my friends Rich, Dan, Tim and Nick all grabbed skim. We begin drinking.

7pm-We turn on the song electric avenue to lighten the mood. Harry takes his shirt off and starts chugging milk while dancing. Everyone else begins to dance without chugging milk. I sit down and drink mine with haste.
7:15pm- Harry throws up into a garbage bag. He looks up and asks for us to kill him.
7:15:30pm- Harry stands up and takes another swig of his milk and projectile pukes without bending over onto the floor. Does not clean up his mess.
7:30pm- I am more than halfway through with my gallon.
7:35pm- Richard and Tim both puke. Tim says that he had to think of gay sex in order for it to happen. We insult his sexuality.
7:40pm- I have about a quarter gallon of milk left. Tim refuses to finish his gallon. Dan throws up, Harry and Richard continue to soldier through and finish.
7:50pm- I have on glass of milk left. Everyone is quiet and nobody is happy. I ask them to not tell jokes, make me laugh, or talk, because it makes my stomach want to cry. I really want to finish my gallon.
7:53pm- I shoot a milk waterfall out of my face. The only time that I have felt good while also vomiting.
7:55pm- I finish my gallon, as well as everyone but Nick and Tim. Nick didn’t throw up but didnt finish so it didnt count. Tim acts like a girl and doesnt want to drink the milk anymore.
8pm- We lay down in Nick’s living room and complain about our stomachs.

The end.


I tried it a few years ago with 1% I think. Made it through about 3/4 of the gallon in 40 mins, then it was over. My 2 mistakes were:

  1. eating a full dinner beforehand
  2. not chugging it- the reason this is so hard is because after a while the lactose in your stomach begins to be digested, and basically overwhelms the stomach (or so I’ve been told). I think if I had tried to drink it quickly, instead of pacing myself, it would have gone smoother.


Mine was skim so that may have been part of the reason why I was able to do it

  1. It was at 11AMish and I had only had some chex mix before, and just finished my run less than an hour before
  2. I never chugged it, just went a little faster at the beginning and slowed down to small sips by the end.


yea the time i got three quarters through and then booted it was whole milk


We did it on our campus last year except the objective was to throw up and you only had 30 minutes. I drink about half of it in the first 8 minutes and threw up. That area of the campus smelled pretty bad for a while.


We did it on an abandoned railroad bridge over a river that runs next to campus. If one was about to puke they just did it over the edge into the river.


Yeah that’s a much better idea, it’s like a xc/track tradition to fuck up the campus with it or something though.


I was 14 and at scout camp when I tried this. 35 minutes in I was about 80% done and feeling awful. When the dad of one of the guys came with little caesar’s, I lost sight of the goal, had my friend hit me in the stomach, projectile vomited all over a tree, and went and ate pizza instead of subjecting myself to the test.




thats just wrong


Bump for unsuccessful title defense.

Had about 8 oz to go with 30 seconds left and just couldn’t do it and hurled. No one else finished though (either myself or another guy were closest) so I’m still the “defending champ” I guess.


he came to the restaurant immediately across the street from my barracks a few weeks ago to eat against some of the people on base. Sadly i was unable to attend.