Galen Rupp



Only when he performs well




Hard to argue with results.


Rupp has never had a lot of charisma or personality, and his coach has at least three excuses for whatever time he runs in every single race. Other than his 26:48, I can’t remember a time where Salazar didn’t immediately say “Well, if it weren’t for this, that, and the other thing, Rupp could have run what he was capable of in perfect circumstances.” It gets so flipping old. He set something like a 7 second PR in his last 5k and the only thing Salazar can say is “Oh, he could have run 8 seconds faster without the wind.” Give me a break for once. Just can it. No one cares what Rupp could run in a vacuum while being paced by German Fernandez based on his latest workouts.

That said, I’m a big fan of Rupp because he is showing us all what careful and measured progressive training can do to a world class talent when it’s developed from the ground up. For as much as Salazar talks–which is way way too much–Rupp is the prime example of what can happen in an ideal combination of coach, athlete and talent.


Photos of him waving to the crowd will be much appreciated


Whatever else he is, dude is fast.



All I can say about that is…don’t blame him for his coach’s mouth!


This thread now Rupp-certified