Freshman watch


Jacobs is running indoor conference tonight as SPASH’S 3rd entry with Franz and Lepak.


2:05 and change for 5th place for Jacobs.

Roisin Willis was 56.? In the 400 and won the 200 but cant recall the time


Excellent indoor time for a freshman


Zach Scharbarth is running the 3200. He is the SPASH 3 seed. Tough gig for a guy who spent most of the winter swimming. His finish of 10:10.86 isnt attention drawing fast, but beating his two teammates who are usually pretty tough bodes well for him as the season progresses.


doubling a freshman indoors, wise??


Aidan Manning frosh Verona 2:05, 4:42 so far


WH, are you referring to Roisin Willis? She actually tripled, running the 4x4 as well.


I think He is speaking of the Waukesha north athlete who ran the 1 and 2 mile in conference


That’s correct GFTW - it was Wills not Willis i was talking about. Racing on the short track 3 miles around curves put a lot of stress on the young legs. Maybe it works out but what do the have to prove this early in the season. Obviously a talent to watch. Hope to be watching him in June however.


@ccnoob I think 10:10 indoors for a freshman is definetly post worthy and an excellent time as anyone who breaks 10 outdoors as a freshman is legit. It’s more common than it used to be but still a big deal. Also congrats on the indoor mile and 800 conference championship


She almost doesn’t count as this thread is more for males than females given top freshman for females can make/win state and are already recognized but because their is interest I will mention Kayci martenson opened up outdoors running a 2:17 800 winning by 20 seconds


Adam Jeter from Milwaukee Hamilton ran 23.2 this week finishing third behind 2 Franklin runners. Could be a sub 22.5 freshman before the season is done. That’s someone who can be relevant as a sophmore next year at state. As an aside, second in that race was carter Snelson who ran 23 flat after running a 11.65 100 meters and finishing 4th. Perhaps there was a little wind in his face given the winner Elijah Johnson only ran 11.1, I don’t know. 23 flat is decent for April, However if his top end 100 speed doesn’t improve he should consider following his brothers footsteps in the 800 as a senior, although for now given I haven’t seen anyone run a fast 400 I would stay the course only cuz the 400 field may be easier than the 800 field: