Freshman watch


Ashton Schwartzman 51 second 400 meters surely is the top performance so far but beaver dam cross country standout Gavin czarnecki opens up with a 2:09 800 meters (look for him to beak 2 flat this year) and Oshkosh north had a freshman jack Schreder open up in the 2 mile in 10:02 at Oshkosh and could quickly make Zens all time freshman lists with just a little improvement. One note freshman standout from 2 years ago Ryan Luek who had a miserable sophmore season looks to be back as a junior running some reapectabke times to start the season and clearly has the family genes on his side. Although hard work can help make an average runner very good it sure does help to have a good set of family genes to be great (Bosley, hacker, Roisin Willis, etc etc)


Gavin czarbecki 4:34 at tfa decent time indoors for a freshman has an outside shot at making state this year. Wfb has a freshman run 4:44 (Niko Martinez Ortiz) which was ok too. I bet he comes way down by year end and may be the 4th leg on their 4x800 state contending team if he can get his mile down to 4:30 although the 800 is rarely a freshman event


Mickey cabaltera (from Racine cas) won fhe case classic in 2:05sindoors. I think this is a 200 meter track he ran it on Given the times I see in the 400 that are decent but it’s still a fine time by a freshman and he won the race which definetly sets up for a sub 2 flat outdoor run when the weather improves in a fast race at conference or regionals or if he gets to sectionals potentially even a 1:58 bid. Always good to see a potentially outstanding case 800 runner that should be the norm


Baby giftos ran sub 4:50 indoors but will have a chance to run a fast time in the freshman race at Palentine. I like that middleton, Monona grove brings a team here or as much as a team as possible vs just one guy. I guess you need more than 1 good runner to bring a team.


Mantitlwoc cross country sectional. With iron sheik and Luke Guttormsen and Augie Beyer being seniors that sectional looked pretty terrible on paper after the sectionals race when looking at next year but with beaver dams junior Cade Ferron breaking out in a 4:22 at tfa and perhaps the 3 best freshman in the state (jack scherer 10:02 indoors, Gavin czarnecki 4:34 indoors and slinger has one of the better freshman as well but hasn’t had an “it” track moment yet) that potentially weak sectional looks like they will replace last years stars with new ones for the years to come. (Bryan bloomquist Janesville was the top cross country freshman undeniably but he is not out for track or hasn’t run yet). If the iron sheik could rabbit jack scherer sub 9:40 in a dual meet outdoors (weather permitting) he would immediately jump into the top 10 in the nation and he probably can approach that time now based on what he did indoors. Although I prefer iron sheik spending his time running shorter races but he could at the end of his meet run 2400 or 2800 meters at a 9:40 pace setting this up assuming he is even doing track this season as he hasn’t yet run a meet although I am assuming he will still be very good by late May


When going through the national outdoor freshman lists just to see what our freshman need to run to get ranked top 20 I came across Rueben Reina junior. Now that would be intimidating to run again someone with that lineage. For those that don’t know Rueben reina senior he was an Olympian but moreso an outstanding high school runner who I believe holds the footlocker record where I believe he ran around 14:30. To put In perspective We all know how amazing drew is and I think Drew ran 15:40-15:45 to finish 7th this year on that course so it’s hard to break 15 clearly and 14:30 is legendary. Anyway his son is just a good freshman nothing too incredible yet but I thought it was cool to see the name as it would be similar to seeing prefontaine junior on the lists. Actually, Maybe not prefontaine or Jim Ryan but right up their with ritzenheim, Alan Webb and say drew hunter in terms of high school royalty.


Gavin czarnecki opens up the outdoor season with a 2:03.89. Im assuming weather isn’t so hot in wisconsin this is a great opening race for a freshman. I expect this freshman be ready to run at least 2 flat and 4:25 by conference with the ability for another leg down at sectionals and potentially although unlikely state.


Freshman Ezequiel Diaz from Waukesha south finished third in a good early season 800 running 2:04.4 less than a second behind first. Clearly on path to be a sub 2 minutes freshman. He broke 2:07 indoors and I’m not sure he ran cross country. These are outstanding times for this time of year especially if he didn’t run cross country. Brookfield east had a lot of solid freshman in that meet as well. None that stand out but as a group it’s a really solid group in the distances and will probably start having impact in cross country as they turn sophomores assuming they all run cross country next season and in the future.


Janesville Craig fine cross freshman ran a 4:39 at palantine. Giftos ran 4:44 in that race. I believe 4:35 won. Karl Olson from lafollate also ran 10:10 this past week.


I think their should be a middle school (6th-8th) state meet perhaps a week or two before highschool state. Would bring excitement to kids about the sport at a younger age and keep more kids in track (especially in the city schools), would improve times and get more freshman ready to race fast. Georgia had their middle school state meet this past weekend it was a huge success. I don’t believe in middle school kids running high school track although that girl at point could do some serious damage, but I do believe giving a real forum to excel and a state meet would be a great event


Jaret Carpenter from cashton had a recently interesting triple on April 28 long jumping 17’10 which is just ok but while long jumping he ran a 4:45 mile and 2:05.5 800. Improving rapidly


the fine Janesville freshman bloomquist broke 10 flat joining the elite sub 10 list with the Oshkosh north runner scherer. A few other freshman are getting close. Also, Mickey calibera from Racine case ran 2:02 after running 2:05 indoors. Expect him to go for a sub 2 as early as conference and could sneak into state. a slew of random freshman ran 4:39 to 4:43. Unless specialty speaking about team cross country probably no longer worth speaking about freshman unless they are sub 2:03, sub 4:35 and sub 10 flat as we should have a decent number of guys approach those levels as we arrive into championship season.


Freshman Teejay evans from west depere was 2nd in the 100 and wins the 200 and wins the 400 in a fine 50.8 at the bay conference meet. I am guessing his junior brother jermaine evans won the 800 1600 and 3200 so the 2 brothers won the 200 400 800 1600 and 3200 and second in the 100 meters at conference championships. Kindve nuts. The 2 of them will be able to put together an awesome 4x400 next year as they will be two of the top 400 meter runners in the state most likely, although jermaine is a legitimate middle distance runner as well. I am guessing they are brothers with same last name but I may be wrong


Scherer from Oshkosh north runs 9:43. His teammate iron sheik beat him by 2 seconds. To make state he will probably have to break 9:30 and beat iron sheik. 9:43 is already a leading freshman time on zens list but around 9:30 puts him into a rare class of freshman


With the case runner getting shafted out of the sec conferenxe meet due to weather??? And then not runnjn the open at regionals the most likely sub 2 candidate in the large schools comes tonight with Gavin czarnecki from beaver dam running only the 800 in the Hartford refional. It’s a decent regional compared to most and may take a sub 2:01 to advance to sectionals depending of course on the firs lap. I think he can run sub 2 if he advances to sectionals and of course if he is healthy as he is not running the 1600 and going for it in the 800. I think anything sub 2:02 is great as a freshman but sub 2 gets you a spot on Zens lists. The 3200 I believe the fine lafollate runner ran 10:00.0 and got 5th so he will have something to improve upon next year. The Janesville and Oshkosh north freshman are both in the 9.50s but will likely need a 9:35 effort to get into state which will make them elite freshman if they can run sub 9:40 when it counts


The Oshkosh North frosh ran 9:43.09 at FVA Conf right behind Wesley.


@mukharrier Yes I wrote about the fva up top but forgot thanks. Without actually studying the two regionals combined He will likely have to beat his senior hero teammate if he wants to make state with of course meinke in that sectional (do they combine with Kimberly too?). Wesley will make state probably if he runs to make state (runs for third) but not sure the iron sheik has running for third in his Dna so he will likely either be in shape when it counts or vulnerable to his excellent young teammate. I’m hoping iron sheik takes a big leap on Thursday to where he was in cross


Freshman qualifying for sectionals. Gavin qualifies in 2:02, a mukwanago freshman qualifies in 9:58 and a slinger freshman qualifies in 10:03. In an overall weak regional in many events, fort Atkinson has a nice freshman in the 400 meters who is running around 51 flat.


MukwOnago**** :no_mouth:


Gavin czarnecki runs 2:00.6 finishes a distant 4th. Great freshman time!!