Free Skurey


All my plus reps go to him. All his inappropriate comments are interesting. He’s working his way to FC. He loves the ppl who speak their mindand hates people who I hate. He’s a true pal.


He probably deserved it.


Joe L on his usual power trip. Watch the old man ban me for this.


he did


He did not deserve to get permabanned for what he said.


i was referring to his comments on the elite board, not sure which you are referring to.

EDIT: i think this is a “straw that broke the camel’s back” scenario.




why would i be butthurt that one of the most worthless annoying trolls on this site is gone (at least until he comes back under a different name).


What’d he do?


I like how the newest member’s name is LeBron James.


What is a “Skurey”



SKurey is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.


Did he send an admin a dick pic? When has that ever been a bannable offense?



so why can’t anyone say what he did.

then we’ll whine until they unban him.


I could tell you what he said but then I’d probably get the also.


Pm or rep a ■■■■■ with info fool


I’m a fan of the new sig. I was just mesmerized by it for the last 45 seconds or so.


QFE. I’m thinking of getting one for my swimming pool. :cool:



Anything for a like you!