Free 4gotN


C’mon. Please. :slight_smile:


ccwiz banned too

Good work mods, can’t allow rule breakers to roam around posting whatever they want.


I come back for one day and everyone is already banned. Guess I’ll go talk to myself in the random thread.


In the past day, several posters have contacted me to make a statement in my capacity as’s resident arbiter of morality, Taste, and justice. Your wish, as they say, is my command.

Were a medieval castle, skurey would be the court Fool. He exhibits myriad traits that suggest brain damage and/or personality disorders. As such, he is given some leeway. His foolery made its way to where the more refined posters congregate and was unwelcome. Skurey, being a skurey, has no control and must “act out” every now and then. This is understood by the powers-that-be and even the powers above them. He served a brief sentence and no one was injured.

4gotn and CCWiz contribute very little to this community. In fact, it is speculated in some circles that their submissions have a subtractive effect on the total knowledge contained in this site. You can state with 99% confidence that they are clowns because they commit one of two grievous errors: 1) use of a number instead of letters; 2) use of symbols.

Their bans cannot be long enough, speaking as the arbiter of Taste. In the words of the late Cocakula, Offer something other than drivel, idiots.

Unfortunately, I can predict with great confidence that one or both of the currently banned maggots will return under an alter ego.


oh gee I wonder who you are I have no idea


I’m with Pubis here. Do those guys even contribute?


Do you even lift?


who’s asking?

I’m the one who does the curbing around here.


Pubis, will you have my children?




Go ahead and Curb Your Enthusiasm cause I’m Back and Here to Stay.


Where have you been?



Not sure who’s bannage lasted longer, yours, Funnage’s, or mine


[QUOTE=>-CCwiz->;352404]I LOL’d

Not sure who’s bannage lasted longer, yours, Funnage’s, or mine[/QUOTE]

skurey was banned for longer than a day, so … that was tough


Please unban him? Everyone knows how good a poster he is. Not that I’m kissing his butt. I know for certain he is missing all the fun and nage. So unban him?


mostly reading and posting. just not always.

[QUOTE=>-CCwiz->;352404]I LOL’d

Not sure who’s bannage lasted longer, yours, Funnage’s, or mine[/QUOTE]
or 4gotN?