Forever alone


Roommate moves out tomorrow and I’m pretty sure my other suite-mates are leaving either tonight or tomorrow. I hate being the last person in the dorm because it gets so damn boring around here. I will have my laptop and thats about it. Thinking of inviting a buddy from home to come hang out for a day or two so I don’t go insane. Anyone else stuck in a similar situation?


I mean you can just straight up ask me. You don’t need to make a thread about it man, it doesn’t need to be kept a secret anymore.


I think you should masturbate. A lot.


I second that notion.


I almost want to +rep you :smiley:


You don’t have to, I’ve neg’d you a lot recently.


i’ve lived in a single all year. get at me


How do you do that? Skurey what the **** man you were supposed to keep that on the dl.


Buy some porn. Your right hand will keep you pretty good company at night


I guess you are not introverted lol. I would count it a great joy for some alone recharge time like that.


Don’t forget you don’t need to wear headphones. Now you can use surround sound!





When i was at school alone for about a day or two I walked around my house naked.

TBH, my future wife is going to have to put up with me walking around naked


I’m not sure what I’m gonna do yet. My best friend has no license because of his DUI so he’s pretty much useless in this situation. I’ll probably go on a rom rampage and beat the original Zelda and Contra or something. I ****ing hate that it’s 24 mandatory quiet hours though. Can’t do anything fun without the threat of getting killed by the RA’s.


I also live alone now.

It’s weird, sort of nice though.


Do you actually enjoy it though? I mean I like having my alone time as well but after a day or two I get bored as **** with no one to talk to or you know play a game of basketball with.


My now former roommate is the nicest guy in the world. Sadly he also invaded my personal space a lot. He liked to sit on my bed, stand on my bed, or just try and talk to me while I’m watching tv.

He also was not clean in the kitchen, which drove me nuts.


Hmm yeah that could get annoying. I’ve had the same roommate for two years now. We get along great so it works out pretty well. He’s moving into the house I have next semester with two other guys. I just always find myself as the last person around during finals. I always have an exam on the last possible day so I just get bored when I can’t force myself to study anymore.