Foreign sprinters


…at USA schools.

Andrew Riley was more of a hurdler yet he can win the NCAA 100m, he’s a Jamaican. Makusha was a long jumper yet he can win the NCAA 100 in record time, he’s from Africa. What is going on with Ameican sprinting, no it’s not football.

All these schools had a foreign athlete as their best (alumni) ever sprinter.

Dickinson…Derrick Atkins…Bahamas
UCLA…Ato Boldon…Trinidad
Eastern Michigan…Hasley Crawford…Trinidad
Oregon…Harry Jerome…Canada
Illinois…Herb McKenley…Jamaica
TCU…Kim Collins…St.Kitts
NCC…Edwin Roberts…Trinidad
UTEP…Oba Thompson…Barbados
BYU…Frankie Fredericks…Namibia
Azusa Pacific…Davidson Ezinwa…Nigeria
Fresno State…Mike Agostini…Trinidad
Westmont…Jean Louis Ravelomantsoa…Madagazcar
LSU…Richard Thompson…Trinidad
Missouri…Chidi Imoh…Nigeria

Andrew Riley is the fastest Big10 sprinter in ages, and he isn’t even a sprinter. That’s how weak the Big10 is when it comes to speed.

I 'll give it to Charlie Paddock as the best USC sprinter, but won’t ignore Jamaicans Lennox Miller and Don Quarrie.

The first great UCLA sprinter was Lloyd LaBeach out of Panama. Both TCU/UTEP loaded with foreign sprinters.

The fastest college sprinter this year would be FSU’s Kemar Hyman who just ran a 9.95, he’s from the Cayman Islands.

What if Bolt, Powell, Blake and Carter had ran for some USA schools like all those other Jamaicans had? Too bad Darrel Brown from Trinidad didn’t, he needed it. Who remembers Seun Ogunkoya (spell?) from Nigeria?


Silly, you search far and wide for schools that had/ have great foreign sprinters. How many schools have had their best sprinter be American?

Foreigners come to (get recruited) to come to school here to run and they hopefully take advantage of it and grab a degree at the same time.

What’s happening to American sprinting? Recently collegiate-wise you weren’t happy with Demps, Dix, Mitchell, Mitchell, Salaam, Harry Adams, Isiah Young, etc, etc, etc . . . just because Riley was best on the day and Makusha was amazing it doesn’t mean anything.


Actually didn’t search at all, been aware of this for awhile now.

Since this is the USA, schools should have Americans as their stud sprinter, that simply isn’t the case as I showed. My point with Riley and Makusha was that they hardly ran the 100m yet could still beat those who do. Makusha the NCAA record holder with two/three 100m sprints, whoa!

Other than Dix, nothing special there with that gang you mentioned.

The point is that we no longer rule the sprint scene and haven’t for awhile now and it bugs me. We don’t even rule the NCAA as we are seeing. TCU holds the NCAA 4x1 record, three foreign sprinters on that team. What happened?


The issue goes real deep


It must since this is a country of 350 mill.


Our country is failing to develop overall athletes, and is also pushing specialization at an early age way too hard. Those two things go hand in hand


I don’t buy the overall athlete bit. No need for a sprinter to be a great overall athlete. I do think it’s better to specialize early on also.


I could not disagree more.


I’m pretty much up on what’s going on today.


Vern puts it pretty nicely


Could the fact that the American athletes that have the potential to be elite sprinters tend to gravitate toward other sports, namely football, instead of track have anything to do with the relative prominence of Caribbean/African sprinters in the NCAA?


Give me the names of those HS sprinters that got into football instead?

Keep in mind most sprinters are around 170ish pounds or so. That is a tiny footballer. I can’t think of one high schooler I was watching who totally gave up track for football.


It’s hard because many of them don’t even go out for track because there’s usually spring football training. Therefore we never even discover them.


At the HS level if a guy has some speed most the time he will run track. I do keep up on HS sprinting. Really can’t think of a guy where I thought he’d be a sprinter of note who gave it up for football instead. We do see college sprinters go with football over trying to be a world class sprinter. But most the time they weren’t all that.

The list of those sprinter/footballers is a mile long.


This is such a stupid debate/point. Where are you getting this vast knowledge of middle schooler athletes’ decisions as to run vs. play football or another sport? Very likely many such cases would never even step on the track and decide from the get go to play football (having played it from an early age vs. competetive running which really begins for most athletes at the high school or very late middle school age). You talk about this stuff like you have all the answers, when most of these things are completely impossible to know/predict.


Pretend for a second that all fast football players also run track.

What about the thousands of potential sprinters lost to other sports? Big lacrosse players. Powerful centerbacks (soccer). Whole sets (waterpolo). Some of the ‘springier’ basketball players. I think it’s just not the most popular sport, and while someone may be fast on the court, they never even consider track and sprinting.

There are quite a few elite athletes who could’ve done quite well sprinting. I would love to see Theo Walcott (Arsenal) and Russel Westbrook (OKC Thunder) go at it over 100m.

edit: RG3 is the obvious counterpoint to your argument.


I know what fast kids want to do, they want to run. In most cases that’s what they do. I am talking young kids. Who are those speedy NFLers who never ran track? Show me an NFL blurr with no track history at all.

We do see guys like Trindon Holliday LSU, Jacoby Ford Clemson who were sub 10.05 guys that took the NFL over pro track. But that’s not what’s being talked about.

Who are those speedy NCAAers in 2012 without any track experience?

This, “we don’t know who these guys are that walked away from track to…” sure we do, that speed will show up. So who is showing it?


I don’t see that as the case at all. Thousands of potential sprinters? There are no soccer players with elite speed, there are no baseballers/basketballers/rugby-ites/lacrosse players with elite speed. Keep in mind fast high schoolers are running 10.3ish and faster. So we see that speed early on, who not playing football/running track has the look of a 10.3 guy much less a 9.8 guy which is where the Olympic types are at.

The really fast kids are running track, if a few didn’t we never saw that speed in something else.

Russell Westbrook is quick, can he run a 100m?



Baylor quarterback. Won the Heisman. 300h in 35.3, semi-finals of the 400h in the '08 trials when he was 18. Ran a 4.4 40y and was recently drafted by the Redskins.

So sprinters ONLY choose football? Please. That is ludicrous.

The guy I mentioned, Walcott, ran 11.0 when he was 14. He claims he could run 10.3 now, but I doubt it. With training I don’t know if I would though. He would be a fantastic sprinter, and there are guys at or very near his level all over international soccer speed-wise. He ran a 4.74 for 40 METERS in soccer cleats a couple years back.

That’s a 4.31 40y if he’s running his AVERAGE pace for that entire distance.

The guy has serious speed. My original point stands and is most likely correct. Other sports pull away from track, in all disciplines.


“I know what the fast kids want to do, and they want to run.” ha ha…ok, buddy