Footlocker Midwest Scouting


Top male runners competing.
ND Robert White 15:53
SD Derek Peters 14:53
SD Daniel Burkhalter 15:26
CO Brock Dykema 15:22
CO Harrison Scudamore 15:28
CO Charlie Perry 15:35
NE CJ Martinez 15:43
MO Vic Mugeche 15:11
MO Ben Stasney 15:38
MN Miles Fleming 15:19
MN Nicholas Scheller 15:20
MN Caleb Haugland MN 15:30
IA Matt Carmody 15:17
IA Camden Cox 15:20
IA Konnor Sommer 15:33
WI Drew Bosley 14:53
WI Wesley SChiek 14:59
WI Matt Meinke 15:00
WI Rowen Ellenberg 15:13
WI David Vannucchi 15:16
WI Kav Fitzpatrick 15:27
WI Luke Gottormoson 15:27
IL Dylan Jacobs 13:57 3m
IL Dan Kilrea 14:02 3m
IL Clayton Mendez 14:22 3m
IL Matt Richtman 14:23
IL Jacob Gebhart 14:23
IL Wyatt Mcintyre 14:25
IL Tom Brady 14:29
IL Jack Becker 14:31
IN Gabe Fendel 15:05
IN Cole Hocker 15:08
IN Matt Schadler 15:08
IN Caleb Futter 15:08
IN Jakob Kintzele 15:15
IN Quinn Gallagher 15:20
IN Skylar Stidam 15:23
IN Brennan Butche 15:26
MI Alex Comerford 14:55
MI Nick Foster 15:13
MI Abdi Ahmed 15:16
MI Cole Johnson 15:16
MI H Grzymkowski 15:18
MI Corey Gorgas 15:20
MI Paul McKinley 15:23
OH Zach Kreft 14:29
OH Lukas Buns 15:13
OH Nate Kawalec 15:23


If this is correct and @maryss is almost always correct despite this being an awesome field I think it’s very favorable for our wisconsin studs as clearly their are plenty of great runners in this field but enough of the top runners are also missing to give wisconsin a good shot at sending 3 kids again. The top guys from colorodo and Minnesota will not be running. A few of the top Ohio runners with sub 15 prs are not running (they have very fast 1600 prs as well), I would say 3 out of the top 4 in Ohio are not running and this is a huge deal. I think the fact that Ohio doesnt seem to be in this field other than the kid who on a downhill course broke 14:30 (after maybe being the fastest of all 50 states as a group during the season) really opens up this race. Their will be at least 5-6 studs that if they are ready to run will make it (Bosley is included of course) but it’s harder to predict who is still in shape at this point (for example gabe fendel who did not run well at Nike). The final 3-5 spots are definetly open for athletes that run a special race and put themselves in position with 800 to go.

Iron sheik
(Rowan and vanucci have the ability to be top 15 with 1k to go and if they close hard they can both make it) as mugeche and cornerford and peters are beatable and fendel may be burned out or injured after looking bad at Nike midwest region as did the number 2 kid from Indiana (hocker) in that race. The third runner from Illinois is very tough but their true number 3 (Charlie kern from york is injured). The only state I don’t really know is Michigan so they could surprise and colorodo did so good at nike that these kids may surprise also when they come down from the mountains but it’s a long flight for young athletes. 3 out of the top 5 in Nike southwest (typically a strong region) were from colorodo but i none of those 3 kids came here. Not to put him on the spot but I bet @zen has actually seen enough footlocker races at parkside to give excellent tactical advice for the 4-5 wisconsin boys trying to squeeze into the top 10 with similar capabilities as maybe 20 kids in the field (Bosley is not in this group he is a national elite already and should run smart but no reason not to go for it at the end vs running for 10th and getting unlucky (Finn and Olin ran for 10th and then performed amazing at nationals however, but I think if he feels strong he doesn’t need to do that although it’s a possible strategy if he doesn’t feel 100 percent. Our studs on the fringe should understand a favorite may sit back and run for 10th so they also don’t want to be cute and find themselves in a 100 meter dash against a national elite for 10th like the poor guys who failed against Finn and Olin


Another guy running is Badger signee Shuaib Aljabaly (14:53). He’s the Michigan D2 champ, running 15:12 to beat Comerford by 12 seconds. Foster, Johnson, Grzymkowski and McKinley went 1-2-3-4 in Michigan D1 in 15:16, 15:18, 15:18, 15:23. That looks to have been a heck of a race.

FLMW is going to be the race of the year in these parts. There are going to be absolute top quality guys finishing mid-20’s.



Where did you see these?


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@Biff Jacobs didn’t have an amazing freshman year but clearly he was positive enough on the program and prospects to concvince this fine athlete to go to the badgers. Yes I missed him good find (I put him in my rankings instead of the other guy post hoc on your call I usually don’t adjust rankings so giving you credit for that), I didn’t really review Michigan but they usually have 1-2 guys in the top 10. Glad he is going to wisconsin. Have you checked his track prs by any chance. The Ohio kids were the animals in track but many didn’t sign up I think their season was intense with so many races at 15 flat or faster but I think their top 2 guys aren’t here and 3 out of their top 4 so that should help the field from being completely out of control as it is still an awesome field.


Of this page?


It will be dry this week and the high on Saturday is forecast for 40 degrees. I predict 17:10 and 14:58 for the wins and 17:40 and 15:11 will be 10th. It is unfortunate that some really good runners will probably run 18:00 and 15:20 and only finish 20th place.


I think WI has three that for sure can run under 15:10 and qualify as well as another three that could achieve that mark on a great day. We are loaded this year.


  • stick to the left side and get out quick but not too quick; assertive but hold position
  • do not get stuck in traffic by the mile mark because if youre talented youll zig zag to the top to get back in it and lose a gear for the last mile
  • do not pull a junior year Rombough and blow it going all out two miles and barely hanging on at the end (and missing)
  • do not pull a Michael Evans and take the lead on Verzbicas (or similar)
  • respect the invisible hand that drives midwest competition; this is as good as the national meet in some capacity (i.e. even Drew Bosley will not run away from the midwest)
  • be responsive to surges late in the race
  • dont be afraid of the hills
  • unless you are a potential national champ you need something special that last mile so be ready to roll
  • outside the box thinking for the talented: it’s only about 15 minutes if you do it right!


Any girls views? After a pretty interesting season where it looked like sun prarie was one of the better teams ever in our state the end sure did dissapoint with our teams and individuals really getting a beat down at heartland. 1) I do think the most talented team in the state was Muskego and they probably had the best individual as well. They were coming down at the end and may have improved enough to do more respectable at the heartland with an extra 2 weeks of peaking as if state was 200 meters or even 100 meters longer they would have probably won. 2) onalaska will be a great team for 4 years with their nucleaus of freshman led by the bond of sisters this could be really interesting like the Neenah parker sisters and schallers before that and favors at point before that. 3) it was a down year for individuals, last years champ was coming off an injury and down years happen sometimes 4) over the last 5 years teams and individuals have really improved nationwide. Lots of sub 10 2 milers, sub 4:40 milers and girls breaking 17 flat everywhere. The Minnesota schools who probably wont even finish top 5 at nationals were amazing at heartland with the amount of sub 18 runners teams like wayzata had. Not sure how to coach that or inspire it. Progress is being made. Wisconsin has an amazing history of distance running im sure we will figure out a way to catch up with the progress. The bond of sisters at onalaska could be a start although they all need to improve a lot and of course we lost one of our best distance runners ever just last year in cami Davre. Although she was more of a middle distance runner and I think she will be surpassed this year by brooke jaworski if she decides it’s time. One last point, sun prarie clearly trained hard all summer to represent our state on a national level and although that didnt happen due to talent, fatigue, injuries or illness they still deserve a ton of credit for going for it and were rewarded appropriately with a well earned state team title. Sometimes if you shoot for the stars you still reach the moon and a state championship can never be taken away from any of these girls or the coach for their consistent quality year starting from week 1


@zen I think this is probably one race where the iron sheik should consider not leading.i love his aggressiveness but there will be some other guys that will go out fast or either make a likely hard move at the mile, if the pace isn’t tactical at the 3/4 of a mile mark, he may be better off relaxing some but I guess you have to ride the horse that brought you to the race and he clearly likes to push from the front and he does a nice job of holding on vs fading. In the Midwest region the top Illinois runner I believe separated from the pack at the 1 mile mark but since he was caught he may not make such a move in this race (the kid from Ohio who caught him is not in this race) It’s possible that front running style does reduce the pack from 30 to 12-15 and give the iron sheik and the wisconsin boys used to his front running style better odds at the end but I’m guessing a lot of the top boys will he harder to break in this race unless their conditioning or mind has regressed with a few off weeks (very possible), have a cold (very possible) or they get caught behind the masses which is also very possible for boys who don’t have big meet experience and think they can go out slow and move up which in a race like this you need to see and be within striking distance from the guys you have to beat by the 1.5 or you will only qualify by chance. Bosley will kick for the first time with boys that might have his 1600 speed although some of those boys aren’t in the race so Bosley may have the top kick excluding gabe fendell but gabe may not be strong enough to even be top 20 the way he has been running. If meinke or iron sheik qualify they will be considered national elites even if they don’t do welll at nationals. Too qualify for both is a rare accomplishment and to do so would lead to a huge number of additional scholarship opportunities I am assuming even if they are the last qualifiers in this race. If you only make 1 nationals I think you need to perform moderately well at the nationals to be viewed a national elite given the variability in different regions. When meinke was asked in his interview after qualifying at heartland what his goal at nationals was I think he said top 100 although it’s possible I’m remembering it wrong and he said top 50 but I’m fairly certain he said top 100. Clearly he is a top 20 candidate or at least that should be his goal but the fact that he has no idea what to expect is both innocent and exciting if he chooses just to run and not think about who is who and just run up to his capabilities. That confidence will grow over time as he matures and continues to have success. One race at a time, I’m guessing he is 100x more confident in himself since heartland than where he was going into that race after a tough state. He rebounded better than expected mentally. Rowan vanucci and Caleb (I hope Caleb is resting not racing and focused on team only for Now he has track to go for a 4:13 or better) will need to break a wall they haven’t experienced yet to be there at the end. They all have the talent to be top 15 on the right day they need to want it more than others to sneak in. Clearly they all have excellent 1600 speed and Rowan is probably a 1:54 800 meter runner this year I am guessing so all can kick into the top 10 if they go for it


It is really difficult to predict the top 10 due the number of great runners competing this year and due to the inconsistent results from NXR to Footlocker in previous years. Some runners wake up after NXR and some qualify for NXR and then disappear at Footlocker. I am not as confident in my predictions as usual but I enjoy putting something out there for possible bragging rights.



@maryss You get one more choice, you accidentally put Bosley twice


I knew that people wouldn’t be happy that I didn’t put him finishing 1st so I tried to list him twice. Actually, I was moving info from phone to computer and pulled the incorrect WI guy for 8th. I predict Meinke for 8th. I think Schiek will be in the lead at the halfway mark but will fade. I think there will be 25 guys in the mix for 10th place at halfway.

I will make predictions for girls tonight.


I am more confident with these predictions than I am for the boys. I left Lauren Ping out because I don’t believe that she is eligible to compete in the championship race. Grace Ping is a national talent but she has been injured so I pushed her in getting 10th. Even without Lauren, I included many MN girls.

Olivia Theis
Tierney Wolfgram
Emily Covert
Anna Fenske
Adelyn Ackley
Quinn McConnell
Ericha VanderLande
Sara Schmitt
Taylor Ewert
Grace Ping


Top NXN regional guys competing at Midwest Footlocker
Charlie Perry 6th at NXN Southwest
Harrison Scudamore 7th at NXN Southwest

Bosley 1st at NXN Heartland
Derick Peters 2nd at NXN Heartland
Wesley Schiek 4th at NXN Heartland
Rowen Ellenberg 8th at NXN Heartland

Danny Kilrea 2nd at NXN Midwest
Dylan Jacobs 4th at NXN Midwest
Clayton Mendez 5th at NXN Midwest
Matt Scrape 8th at NXN Midwest
Mathias Powell 9th at NXN Midwest
Victor Mugeche 10th at NXN Midwest


For the girls, 17:50 is about what it has taken to qualify in the past. Here are some comparisons from times run at Ridges and then at Parkside in the 5K era. The 2017 names are all registered. Meghan Scott not being entered is a surprise after making the trek to Yankton and running well there.


Sperka from wisconsin is running this race, it might be too loaded but I think she is wisconsin best shot if still in shape. I think because she is a freshman and doesn’t know any better she can come down similar to how those Minnesota girls improved at heartland moreso than any other top wisconsin girl. Too qualify here she may need to drop 25 seconds to have a shot if all the top girls are here but she is the only wisconsin girl capable of breaking 17:30 (this year)


Consider that usually, dry Parkside is much faster than Ridges. In 2014 Parkside was a snowy, muddy run and most of the runners you listed still ran faster at Parkside.


Anyone have the link to the results