Florida Relays


Boys 4x100 Meter Relay High School

Relays: R 41.02 2003 Olympia, FL
School Finals H#


Boys 4x200 Meter Relay High School

Relays: R 1:25.59 1994 Palatka, FL
School Finals H#

1 ST. THOMAS AQUINAS ‘A’ 1:24.81R 1

Boys 4x400 Meter Relay High School

Relays: R 3:13.15 2009 Flager Palm Coast, FL
School Finals H#

1 MIAMI NORTHWESTERN ‘A’ 3:11.49R 1 3:11.484
2 ST. THOMAS AQUINAS ‘A’ 3:11.49R 1 3:11.486

Wow, just wow.



I hope both teams will be at Penn Relays.


I just checked the Florida schedule and it appears that they are in the midst of their regional meets that weekend.


Splits for St Thomas Aquinas:



Hot damn.


wow… that is absolutely incredible


1 Bracy, Marvin 11 BOONE 10.26 2.1

1 Freeman, Octavious 12 LAKE WALES 11.29R-0.6


would love to see a pic of that finish

2-100ths at 48-second pace is … about 0.08 inches?

so less than a 10th of an inch separating first and second?


No, it’s more than half an inch (also, it’s 2 thousandths of a second, but I assume that’s a mistype).



no, i’m just a moron


Google’s unit handling capabilities are great; I use them all the time for physics and for running.


Miami probably had their fastest guy running last, and he probably ran 46.x, sooooo

That race probably finished with the Miami guy closing a 3 second gap on a 49 second runner, but failing to win by 1.6cm. Pretty dramatic stuff.

Can anyone confirm this?

Who the hell runs a sub 46 guy second in a race where the outcome is in doubt?




That is not a typing error. Came straight from Delta Timing site.


Reuben F. had a typing error, not you (2 hundredths instead of 2 thousandths).

No big issue though.

Is there a video of this anywhere?


Come on brah


Clearly you have fallen into my trap.

Or I’m an idiot. One of the two.


it’s really not an unheard of strategy to put your two fastest guys first and try to just build an insurmountable lead. in fact, Miami used a pretty similar strategy since the two teams were pretty much neck-and-neck going into the final leg. Miami’s anchor probably ran 48-high, and he did beat the Aquinas guy.


Miami’s fastest runner, Hugh Graham, ran 45.9 on the 2nd leg. Two of the Miami runners, Artie Burns and Jeffrey Green were a soph and a freshman respectively.


So both teams had their fastest guys second! I NEVER saw that done when I was running, but I guess strategies have changed in the last 30 years.