Fire Chief


Is not actually a fire chief.

Nor is he a teacher.

You have 24 hours to come forward before I drop the bomb.


Ironic thread




But he has a cool teacher catch phrase. I can’t remember it but it has something to do with a hat and coat.


can you just drop the bomb now? i wont have internetz after 2pm tomorrow until sunday night.

on that note at work today i took a **** so large that it took two flushes for the log to be conquered.




is he an ex-teacher? i would be more surprised if it turns out he has been trolling everyone for years than if it turns out he got fired for doing some dumb shit.


In all honesty, i never questioned him being a teacher, but i have absolutely NO proof he is. None of my stalking abilities are able to prove it.

Either way, he’s still a top 5 poster.


What’s the BFD he is a black, sober, transvestite, I thought everyone knew that.:cool:


If I recall correctly, other than his arguing something along the lines of how drinking and driving isn’t that bad and how he does it (or did it) on occasion, he seems like a decent guy.


he was a fire chief or had anything to do with a fire dept. I always thought he was a school teacher.


He is actually a police chief


I know where he teaches.


I used to have his address, because he mailed me money.


is up. Time to put up or shut up!


There is no way he isn’t a teacher, he gets so butt hurt every time I tell him I have no respect for him as a teacher. I don’t think FC is a liar really, he’s just a joke.


so far no one cares whether or not he’s a teacher, now don’t go being a snitch samantha


Spill the fuckin’ beans, asshole.


FIRE CHIEF is JRF/el jefe.