Final TT Rankings


With one more meet to go, we have the final TT rankings.

Their will be two sets of rankings.

#1 - Make your predictions for the 16 schools that qualified. Yes, I know that Wayzata/Eastview/Hopkins etc. would be in the top8 at state, but we will just ignore that fact and go with the schools who made it. The coaches poll will hopefully give them the rankings they deserve. 16-15-14-13-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for the point system here.

#2 - We will go with what we did all season. Top 15 individuals at state. So rank your top 8 individuals in order on how you believe they will finish next Saturday at Northfield.a I think this will be very difficult as there will be great runners who are left off no matter what. Will just go 15 points for 1st, 1 point for 15th.

Title your message “State Rankings”. Please get these to me by Monday night at 10pm. I will post Monday night and we can discuss Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri.

I’ve enjoyed doing this as it is fun to see what some of you think but also has kept me up to date on the races more, which I didn’t do much last year. Hopefully I won’t be doing these next year as I want to coach, so if you know anywhere who is in need of coaching, let them/me know :slight_smile:


All-State is actually top 25 for CC. Top 8 get medals.


Then it must be they give out medals for only the top 8?

All 25 runners are All-State, there’s no honorable mention all-state within the top 25?


I don’t belive so. None that I’ve heard of…


MSHSL medals top 8, MSHSCA All-state certificates top 25 I believe


Even if you’re ranked in the top 12 coaches poll and don’t place top 25 at state, you’re still awarded all state.


Why would the coaches poll make a difference?

Also, notice the edit for individuals above. We’ll do top 15 like we did all year. This will make it a bit easier and allow for more discussion as top8 would kind of be limited to around 10-12 guys most likely.


I’m pretty sure that’s how they do it. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


Well, were Ryan Evans and Jake Sandry All-State during their respective years of dropping bombs at state? If so, that’s how they must do it…


Maybe Ryan could answer this for us?


they did give me all state. it’s something like if you’ve been ranked in the coaches’ poll for more than half the year, then you get it


From the web pages of the high school cross country coaches association for all-state: (Top 25 in state meet, plus anyone in top 10 of final state poll- pick-up at State meet or certificate mailed the following week)

From the meet guidelines for participants at Medals to finishers in places first through eighth.


I think we should pick the 25 All State runners. It would be fun.


Little matter to me. I’m picking the top 162 runners :cool:


For real again?


I’ll try. No order;










i wish i knew the field deep enough to predict the top 25 without just taking a few here and there from each section results page, because then i could give my prediction of centennial’s jon keller–and matt longen if he runs confident–for what most would probably consider surprise all-state picks without sounding like too much of a hometown fan. although i am still indeed very much attached to my native team, i’d like to think my prediction here isn’t too terribly biased. i think they’ll surprise people. can’t wait to hear how the race goes


Keller top 30 for sure, probably even top 25. Hard to choose 25 from the 80 that qualify.


Has there ever been a runner who didn’t qualify as an individual but his/her team qualified as a team and go on to be all-state?


I’m pretty sure a while back somebody from winona(or something) didn’t qualify as an individual and went on to win state. But because he wasn’t and individual qualifier but qualified as a team he was not awarded state champion