Felix vs Jeter


If ever we saw a better of example of 100m speed coupled with 400m strength/endurance vs 100m speed in a 200 I don’t know what it was. Jeter is by far the faster sprinter, Felix by far the more complete sprinter. The 200m is about that complete sprinter. Yes we don’t always see complete sprinters in that event. We usually see 100m sprinters moving up like Jeter. When that complete sprinter does show up they rule the 200m.

100m speed only takes a sprinter so far in a 200m, after the jets begin to cool, now it takes something else, that would be sustained speed/speed endurance/maintain the speed. That’s where those sprinters with good speed and that 400m ability take over, as we saw.

No, 400m sprinters without some serious 100m speed is not what I’m talking about. This is about those multi talented sprinters, complete sprinters.

Wallace Spearmon is a complete sprinter, he has sub10.00 speed (or did) and has ran a sub 45.00 4x4 split/high school 400m state champ. Yes I know…HS:rolleyes:…but so many 100 guys want no part of a 4x4/400, it hurts.