Fantasy TdF 2012


Let’s go guys. The Dyestat group is still set up.


I am so sad that Andy isn’t racing.


IN again.




Joined, pretty happy with my team and I was amazed at some of the points values for certain riders.

I’m Team TARDIS.




qfe. I was not initially going to pick Cadel Evans since usually guys like him are not worth the high point value given that they don’t lead until the end and may not even win a stage, but I had 12 points left on my last pick so I went with him anyway.

Team Unicycle ftw.


I felt that way too at first and then ended up with the three of the fastest sprinters, the climbing favorite, the two best time trialers, and four of the best GC favorites and had a point left over.

This should be fun.


Our teams sounds very similar, although I tried to invest in some young guns who in the absence of a large field of GC contenders will hopefully surprise some people. I also didn’t see much of a point in investing in more than two sptiners.


I looked at your team and we have 4 differences.


I don’t see what the fuss is over Hesjedal. He’s got to be cooked after the Giro. Nibali would have been a good pick but his point value was way to high IMO, it should have be about the same as Wiggins. And I am banking on Voeckler pulling out another miracle to give his Frenchies a sliver of hope…


For only two points, I figure he’s worth a shot. He may be tired but could still pull out a top ten overall finish.


Bump. The deadline is probably sometime tonight to sign up. Don’t forget to join the Dyestat group under the your settings page.


Prologue starts at 7AM Central time tomorrow morning. Should be a fun one. I’ve got Fabian or Wiggins for the win on this one with Sagan as a dark horse.

Evans goes out at 10:17 Central time and is the last rider out one minute afte Cancellara. Whole thing should wrap up by around 10:30.

Others to watch and their start times:
38 14:37:00 63 FARRAR Tyler GRS (North American)
78 15:17:00 102 *BOASSON HAGEN Edvald
126 16:05:00 62 DANIELSON Thomas (North American)
130 16:09:00 29 ROLLAND Pierre EUC
131 16:10:00 14 HORNER Christopher RNT (North American)
132 16:11:00 4 GILBERT Philippe
148 16:27:00 68 VANDEVELDE Christian GRS (North American)
149 16:28:00 52 BASSO Ivan LIQ
154 16:33:00 5 HINCAPIE George BMC (North American)
157 16:36:00 191 LEIPHEIMER Levi OPQ (North American)
170 16:49:00 69 ZABRISKIE David GRS (North American) (Also has good shot at winning)
171 16:50:00 57 *SAGAN Peter LIQ (Darkhorse)
172 16:51:00 47 PETACCHI Alessandro LAM
175 16:54:00 11 SCHLECK Frank RNT
176 16:55:00 9 *VAN GARDEREN Tejay BMC (North American)
178 16:57:00 204 GOSS Matthew Harley OGE
179 16:58:00 196 MARTIN Tony OPQ (Favorite)
180 16:59:00 189 VINOKOUROV Alexandre AST
183 17:02:00 151 GESINK Robert RAB
184 17:03:00 148 ROY Jérémy FDJ
185 17:04:00 131 MENCHOV Denis KAT
188 17:07:00 101 WIGGINS Bradley SKY (Favorite)
192 17:11:00 61 HESJEDAL Ryder GRS
193 17:12:00 51 NIBALI Vincenzo LIQ
194 17:13:00 41 SCARPONI Michele LAM
195 17:14:00 31 SANCHEZ Samuel EUS
196 17:15:00 21 VOECKLER Thomas EUC
197 17:16:00 12 CANCELLARA Fabian RNT (My Pick)
198 17:17:00 1 EVANS Cadel BMC


Ended up trading Voeckler for Schleck at the last minute. I feel like Schleck doing better overall in the GC than Voeckler should be fairly certain, and I wasn’t able to fit Sammy Sanchez into my team (after realizing he could do very well given the multiple steep descent finishes), but alas I would have needed one more point and giving up anybody else to get him wasn’t happening.

Playing the Joker with Spartacus and Tony Martin. I know I’ll be getting plenty of points no matter how it unfolds though.


I decided not to play the joker on the prologue since anything can happen on a flat, 6k course on the first day.


Ended up with four guys in the points for a total of 36. 2nd, 5th, 12th, and 15th. Would’ve had Tony Martin if he hadn’t of flatted. Glad I didn’t play the Joker. Everything is on Sagan for me tomorrow.


I’m curious as to why you didn’t go with Spartacus?


Meh, didn’t have the points when it was all said and done, I guess I don’t expect much more from him. Maybe I’m wrong. He hasn’t been on very good form this year.

I don’t see any Team Unicycle in the dyestat rankings?


Yeah I don’t know why. I signed up in the Dyestat group but I am not showing up there for some reason. The account settings even said, “added to the Dyestat League…” I have 70 points though.

EDIT: Did anyone else not get their three points for Cadel Evans?

EDIT 2: Now added to Dyestat group and I got my 3 points. So disregard that…