Facebook stirs up photos-Melrose


you hear all the warnings and this still happens…


Why are kids so stupid? Untag yourself, make your photos private, or just don’t put them up on facebook… It’s not like you’re any cooler for holding a bud light in a picture.


Better idea: don’t drink or use tobacco when you’re in high school.


It seems to me that sometimes athletes are unfairly targeted in situations like this. You would never hear about someone sending in pictures of kids in the band or theater program misbehaving and expect them to be punished even though they also represent the school and are doing the same thing. It’s tricky because I think the fear of suspension keeps most athletes from drinking but the suspension itself is useless and can possibly lead to more bad behavior with the increase in free time and decreased fear of punishment since they are already being forced to sit out from their sport.


This is true. Athletes are always targeted because we have the most to loose. I do not feel bad for these clowns because they were ignorant enough to put things like that on facebook. Dont ever put something on facebook that you wouldnt put on a bilboard. nuff said