Excellent Webb Article


From the Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/sports/olympics/london-2012-alan-webb-trying-to-unlock-his-elusive-talents/2012/06/18/gJQAjjyJmV_story.html


as of 10am today -target field size about 24-
you do the Webb math
Men 5,000m
with 3 more days to declare

Galen RuppNike12:58.90qualifieddeclared
Lopez LomongNike13:11.63qualifieddeclared
Dathan RitzenheinNike13:14.72qualifieddeclared
Matt TegenkampNike / Oregon TC Elite13:15.00qualifieddeclared
Andrew BumbaloughNike13:16.26qualifieddeclared
Chris DerrickStanford University13:19.58qualifieddeclared
Brandon Bethke13:25.82qualifieddeclared
Benjamin TrueSaucony13:26.02qualifieddeclared
Elliot HeathStanford University13:26.14qualifieddeclared
Stephen Furstadidas Raleigh Track Club13:29.05qualifieddeclared
Robert Cheseret13:29.62qualifieddeclared
Bolota Asmerom13:30.33qualifieddeclared
Ian DobsonNike / Oregon TC Elite13:30.70qualifieddeclared
Brent VaughnNike13:31.85qualifieddeclared
Jacob RileyHansons-Brooks Distance Project13:32.82qualifieddeclared
Mohamed TrafehNike13:32.99qualifieddeclared
Hassan MeadUniversity of Minnesota-Twin Cities13:33.42provisionalpending
Yosef Ghebray13:34.34provisionalpending
Dan LowryBrown University13:34.49provisionalpending
Girma MechesoOklahoma State University13:34.83provisionalpending
George AlexUniversity of Oklahoma13:35.27provisionalpending
Trevor DunbarUniversity of Oregon13:36.86provisionalpending
Joseph StilinPrinceton University13:38.36provisionalpending
Michael Banks13:38.67provisionalpending
Parker StinsonUniversity of Oregon13:39.22provisionalpending
Mikhail SayenkoBrooks / Club Northwest13:39.75provisionalpending
Jonathan PetersonUniversity of California, Davis13:41.93provisionalpending
Elliot KrauseUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison13:42.38provisionalpending
Landon PeacockZAP Fitness Reebok13:42.90provisionalpending
Michael CoeBay Area Track Club (BATC)13:43.12provisionalpending
Alan WebbNike13:49.70provisionalpending
Bernard LagatNike13:07.18qualified
David TorrenceNike13:16.53qualified
Aaron Braunadidas / McMillan Elite13:20.25qualified
Scott Bauhs13:28.40qualified
Ryan HillNorth Carolina State University13:31.67qualified
Andrew BayerIndiana University13:33.25provisional
Forest Braden13:37.90provisional
Kenyon Neuman13:40.38provisional


Man, Webb comes off as a modern day Ignatius Reilly:

He recently had a recital in a small church and wasn’t pleased with his performance.

“It set him off for the rest of the day,” said Julia. “He was just like, ‘I suck!’ I told him, ‘It’s just piano. The audience was a bunch of 5-year-olds. Nobody cares.’

“He turned into the sorest loser ever,” she said with a laugh. “He threw the cards, yelling, knocked over my water. I was like, ‘We’re never playing this game again.’ It’s like, he just doesn’t know how to lose.”

I think this is the most telling quote. No one thinks you’re horrible, Alan. You are probably your harshest critic:

But it’s like, if you miss one little cycle, it’s all magnified, and everybody thinks you’re horrible.



Malmo said it best over at LR: That’s not “competitive fire,” that’s being on tilt, and once you’re on tilt, the only thing you can do is walk away from the table and don’t come back until you regain your composure.

I cannot imagine a guy treating his pregnant wife in the manner described in the article for any reason, let alone over a game of Uno. That kind of volatility is not a laughing matter.


Webb’s a headcase? NO WAY

Perhaps the most interesting part for me is that he seemingly KNOWS it’s “all in his head” but still can’t figure it out. He should practice that mental aspect. Obviously its a big detractor for him, regardless of what shape he’s in. Maybe he should hang out with Andrews on the weekends, he seems like he’s got his head screwed on right. :rolleyes:

That said, I don’t think this season its ‘all in his head’ like he put it. Hell, he ran 3:37 coming off of 2+ years of a debilitating injury. That’s pretty damn fast. I wouldn’t be very surprised to see him well on form next season, or even at the 5th ave mile in September (it is in September, right?). I just think he’s trying to bum rush it for the Trials, and unfortunately it doesn’t look like he’s going to get there. It’s alright, just unfortunate.

Hell, a few months ago we were all scratching our heads wondering why the heck he was strapping the spikes on in the first place.


Definitely agree - that’s the kind of thing that would be worrying me if I was a family friend and I’d heard about that.

As far as the Trials go, if he legitimately thinks he might have a better shot in the 5k, the why the hell did he scratch at AMC this weekend? The article made it seem like he’s going to petition to be able to run it with the B standard kinda like Goucher in '08. He would have needed ~13:33 to give himself a good shot at top 24 depending on who actually ends up running it. I would think he could get that without THAT much trouble, and if he doesn’t even think he could run 13:33, why the hell is he even trying to get in the trials 5k in the first place?

I mean I’d like to see him try the 5k too, maybe it’d be easier for him to shift gears and the end of a race off a slower pace, I just don’t understand his logic right now… not that anyone ever understands what he’s thinking


Even he couldn’t help Webb out. :rolleyes:

I can’t beleive the quote about playing Uno. As was already said, that summarizes everything that is wrong with him. I somewhat hope he makes the team now so he doesn’t go completely insane and hurt someone…


I. . . I. . . I have no words. Webb wakes his wife up in the middle of the night to ask if he looks big? He freaks out over Uno and piano recitals? This is the man who has run a 3:46 mile?


I’m a little bit surprised that she revealed that part about the Uno game.


Alan: “Thanks wife for those fun quotes to the nice reporter. That should help me get my confidence back.”

Me: You don’t wake your pregnant wife up in the middle of the night for ANYTHING. Especially not your silly insecurities. Am I too big up top??

Oh my. At least when I wake up in the middle of the night I’m just afraid the zombies are coming . . .


“Inside the track community and on the sport’s active message boards, Webb’s name still sparks plenty of reaction, his supporters and detractors equally passionate.”


Also, rumor has it they are upping the 5k field to 32…


Webb needs more help than just a boost to 32 -
Bernard LagatNike13:07.18qualified
David TorrenceNike13:16.53qualified
Aaron Braunadidas / McMillan Elite13:20.25qualified
Scott Bauhs13:28.40qualified
Ryan HillNorth Carolina State University13:31.67qualified
Andrew BayerIndiana University13:33.25provisional
Forest Braden13:37.90provisional
Kenyon Neuman13:40.38provisional


btw, wheres king?

He thought i was jealous or something when i told him months ago that Webb was a head case.

If you didnt notice from the primal post race screams, one needed only the quote w/r/t Alberto and his “voodoo mind stuff” to come to this conclusion.


Hopefully Webby doesn’t have any functional problems with his pyloric valve.


Did we already forget GoucherGate?

I hate using the suffix “gate”, but it seems thats what everyone calls it, so, theres that.


Yeah… if my wife threw me under the bus that way, I’d throw more than cards at her.

(just kidding, honey)


It is quite clear that the track world suffers from a blatant lack of proper theology and geometry causing massive gastric distress in runners with sensitive digestive systems. I prescribe a Dr. Nut for Master Webb.


I dare not speculate about levels of glove abuse and the resultant effects on performance.


His wife wound up giving birth.