Essex County Championships


I know it’s not until next week, but I couldn’t resist cranking up the old hype machine.

This could be the best race of the year and one of the fastest of all-time.

This will be the thread for everything connected with the Essex County meet, so keep checking back.

Here’s a little blog with two polls for you to vote on.

Here is the preview of Elkaim and Cheserek

Essex County team preview

Live blog from the meet


I know Boo Vitez ran 14:57 @ Pennypacker Park in Cherry Hill @ the Colonial All star meet last year. I also seem to recall that Brett Johnson in 2008 ran a sub 15 @ his home course in OC or @ the Atlantic County Meet?


I have Boo on my list and five others. I will look up Brett’s numbers. Does anyone know if DiJoseph ever went under 15 anywhere in high school?

So far

Rosa 14:56
Oster 14:56
Vitez 14:57
Forys 14:58
Richburg 14:58
Udland 14:58


Tried to find the thread on oldstat but I can’t:(.


just looking at that list makes you go WOW. then to think about so few got below and all those quality runners who never got there and at the top of the list, the fastest time is not a speedy track but - HOLMDEL! :eek: oh and he was a junior - mind bottling! good stuff!!!

I voted sub 14:50 and Elkaim in polls. I always vote (wish) for fast, fast is fun. good luck to both and all


same here


There was some Atlantic County course I remember reading years ago with just absurdly fast times…can’t remember what it was.

Here it is…either Richard Stockton college (or maybe they were doing the timing) or Hammonton Lake Park. Times are routinely in the low 15’s, high 14’s and not by big names, either. Wondering about length of that course…


Stockton is just like running on a track totaly flat not even an incline so not surprised at all to see these times


you ran that Stockton layout, did you?:smiley:


Both Hammonton Lake and Stockton have been reported as being short in the past. maybe ACXC or one of the really SJ guys could verify.


Jogged is more acurate;)


More on the epic Essex County battle between Elkaim and Cheserek

Essex county boys team preview


FYI Re: Boys preview St Bennys has a strong 1,2,3, as tahlief jackson was the #2 man for them at their last meet…While you previewed them( St Bennys) as having a chance to win in your predictions you excluded them


Thanks for pointing that out.


Follow the action here


Fired up, as well Jim…I have a feeling that you are going to be spiked up out there for this one…or at least in road flats.



Great idea. Maybe I will hit Styler’s place in Westfield on my way there and gets some new wheels.

Yeah, I’m pretty jazzed up for this one.

C ya there!!!


Pink Victory XC’s…actually better yet, they may have some gray/orange/teal color scheme…slight Dolphin-ish resemblance. Super light, and rubber bottom so you can wear them at Drew, too!!!



Cheserek=WoW:eek: 14:41!!!


Here’s how it happened