While watching SportsCenter this morning during my workout I was struck by the thought of how absurd it is that Chris Derrick got no attention for his American collegiate record last night. Now I know running is always overlooked my the mainstream sports media, but honestly these guys could throw Derrick (or really any of the great running performances we’ve seen this year) a bone.

I know i’m biased but an American record should be a big deal, in September Rupp’s 10k was largely ignored also. Compared to how much attention anyone breaking some scoring record in basketball or even for just having one catch in a football game, it really struck me absurd.


it’s because no one (general sports public) has any perspective as to how fast that actually is, and no one at espn has the knowledge to explain what it means to run 10 kilometers in 27 and a half minutes


As records go, an American Collegiate Record is pretty damn obscure, folks. This has way less to do with ignorance at ESPN or the sporting world at large and way more to do with (distance) runners inflating the importance of the event.


Would the explanation you have in mind also include telling the general sports public that Derrick would have been lapped by the world record holder?


yes, because it would show how impressive elite runners are in general. and my explanation would be something along the lines of breaking down the race to show how fast per mile it is, because us silly 'muricans cannot make heads or tails out of the metric system. as it is now, if it had gotten any mention it would just be the time, the runner, and the distance, then on to golf highlights


Yeah. No way that that is Sportscenter performance unfortunately.

Here’s how it would go to the person who doesn’t follow track:

[]“Chris Derrick got the American Collegiate Record in a time of 27:31.38 for the 10,000 meters.”
]“Wow so no other American has run faster?”
[]“No the American Record is actually 26:48”
]“So how much did he win by?”
[]“He actually got 3rd in the race.”
]“To 2 other professionals?”
[]“No, 1 is still in college”
]“I hate when those African runners come to college here and dominate the Americans”
[]“It was actually a Canadian who goes to school at Southern Utah that won the race.”
]“Oh. Well I guess congrats goes to Chris for getting the American collegeiate record then.”[/LIST]Not saying that I don’t get how tough it is but it is tough to play that one up on a sports news show when most of the viewers don’t know about track outside of the olympics.




The rest of the world calls them U-23 records and are mostly ignored by the rest of the world too (the Brits seem to pay it some mild attention)


I remember Jack Daniels once said that ABC Wide World of Sports interrupted a live baseball game to show Jim Ryun’s mile race against Kip Keino in White City, London 1967. That is the kind of attention track was given back then. No chance something like that would ever happen today. Although the reverse is quite true, when in 2010 ESPN cut away from the men’s 5000m at the national championship to show a no-hitter baseball game. I wonder what the reaction would be from the general sports public if ESPN cut away from the american league championship to show a record attempt or the finish of some marathon.


This is what I was getting at. I realize the American public is largely ignorant of Track, I suppose I was just lamenting the apathy much of the public has for our sport.