End of the road for ESPN's Dyestat


Two years after the closing of the old the Dyestat we have this development:



Have the admins or anyone talked with SteveU or Watchout to see what they plan to do next? I would hate to lose their expertise.


I remember Zat talking about archiving the info from the old boards-I’m sure the Mouse Team won’t do that and all that history will be lost(is anything is truely deleted on the internet?).

My last plus rep on Dye was for this post in reply to “jake” wanting to be “jake” on the New Improved ESPNrise

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Jake I can help you-
Somebody registered the name you want at one of the companies listed on that link. If you really want to you can start calling them and ask them to check and see who registered"jake" on their data base. When you find the company that has someone using your desired name ask them to give you that persons phone number,call the person and explain how you having the name is more important than him having it and ask him to transfer the rights to you. After you get that done PM me and I `ll give you the direct line to a real person in the company that works as a consultant to ESPN on technology issues and can actually stick a screwdriver into the system and get the name change done.

If Im still alive when you get that all done Ill be glad to help you remain “jake”-
I`m thinking a Notary Stamp is enough to make the title change valid but you better check with a lawyer just to be sure.
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It would be nice to see the two sites rejoined and not part of the ESPN conglomo. Whether this is feasible or not, I have no idea.


I agree completely. These next couple weeks will be interesting.


I was just about to start a thread elsewhere about the Flocast Milesplit “partnership” which I just found out here. I think this partnership is a part of a corporate chess game that leaves former members of Dyestat in checkmate. The best practices of video coverage and results processing have joined on some level and now left the Dyestat people well short of the realistic opportunity to rebuild. It deters them from building momentum and uprising again.

If the people who gave an interface to flotrack would give work on the existing interface of milesplit and get rid of the coloring book crap they’d be on to something. MileSplit revamped their look about 2 years ago but there are still content pages that appear messy.

Also, I’d like to bring up the idea of the “partnership” which probably came with a set of terms and conditions, limitations, a no compete contract and some money. I can definitely foresee a clash of egos like someone suggested on letsrun. The MileSplit people at the top (certainly excluding the members of New Jersey) can be quite difficult and overbearing with expectations and demands. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and if it will be a successful partnership in the long run.


i absolutely agree with both of these. Then again, why would people at the dye empire want to come work with a site that at least in the beginning was populated primarily by ignorant young punks who were insistent on burning every single bridge they had with the old site.


Well, I never burned any bridges, and I know that’s the case for many on here. There were a ton of people who tried to let the kind folks at Dyestat know what was going to happen, but the ESPN thing went forward anyway. I know people were upset about that, and showed their @$$3$ in the process.

In the end, we are not talking about a cut-throat pro sports business. It’s high school sports, and high school athletes, and I really think they got short changed in all of this. DO IT FOR THE CHILDREN! :stuck_out_tongue:

But we would not be having this discussion (or any for that matter) if it weren’t for the efforts of Dye and Underwood in the first place.


I think a marriage between this site and Dyestat would be perfect. Right now both sites have what the other wants. Dyestat has the content and TrackTalk has the community. It would be perfect and at least a bit closer to old times.


I am not sure if you speak on the behalf of the community but I certainly do not want to take on the task of being a national news outlet for HS track. It’s not really that I don’t want to it’s there’s not enough time in the day.

You personally have seen me get carried away with wisconsinxc in the past. That’s what makes me so wary. That type of coverage doesn’t permit one to have much of a life outside of the website. I’ve spent many of nights, just like the NJrunners.com guys on this forum, literally falling asleep at my computer because there isn’t enough time in the day to make everything perfect. I try to become a perfectionist with that stuff much like they do and both these examples are 1/50th of the scope we are discussing currently.

In the beginning of TrackTalk, Joe Lanzalotto stepped in and gave some of the others advice here that you need to be on the ground gathering all this information for adequate state coverage. You need to be in contact with your coaches associations and athletic governing bodies too. I interpreted this as he favored a bottom-up style of coverage with locality being the bottom and top being the national. Dyestat is too top-to-bottom. They are swimming upstream against a vicious current that way, constantly trying to gather and process results. Constantly hand-writing summaries. Constantly staring at stats all day. My theory with this type of coverage is that every set of meet results needs a set of track eyes to review them too because there are always parsing errors, timing mistakes, class listings, etc. For cross country we are talking maybe 15,000 meets every year across the nation.

It’s a lot of work which requires a lot of time which needs to be accounted for monetarily. Plainly, there’s not much coverage in the running niche because it’s not a high paying niche. The “we’ll help” chime doesn’t really cut it either. I’ve heard many many people say this before and while I applaud the ambition, no offense to anyone, but who is to say they would actually know what to do if they stepped up to the plate? Dyestat had the financial backing and resources through ESPN Rise and Student Sports to at least attempt at things but now you’re talking 3-5-10 people under the Dyestat, LLC name splitting yearly revenue that would hardly be considered a yearly salary to most people.

Dyestat can rebound if they minimize their scope and specialize. The whole web 2.0 approach of having everything (stats, message forum, “front page” as you guys call it) just isn’t the best plan of attack any longer. Specialization is. This site will never expand beyond the forum itself but that doesn’t mean that TrackTalk as a whole may never experiment with something. If it does, it’ll be under a different domain and not be attached to this site so that if it falters we can try again and go back to the drawing board.

Internet success in this niche–and in general–will come from finding a way to build a robust tool that is widely used and requires little maintenance due to its self sufficiency.


Perhaps a joint co-op with TT being the forum and something else being the front page? Like the main page is some new site like Dyestat, and when you click ‘forum’ it linked here? Keep the admins of each separate or possibly with joint powers, and keep each to their area of expertise.

SteveU is a great with meet coverage & Watchout is great with breaking down data and painting a picture with it, and Zen has managed a successful forum with nothing but that. They seem to be areas that click well together.

Just my $0.02