Elkaim to Oregon


Oregon just got better next year as they got a comittment from NJ Star Jeramy Elkaim 8:46.x 3200 NJ MOC winner. He is a very talented runner.

Pac 10 now the future home of NJ’s 3 best seniors , With both Rosas going to Stanford as well.


also chad noelle


WOW! Some nice new blood for Oregon.

Btw-Can we assume that Mr. Noelle will be toeing the starting line for the FLNE Regional at Sunken Meadow State Park on Saturday, November 27th, or did Paul Limmer already grab him for NXN?


Wonder if Stanford is recruiting Lukas? Could you imagine what next year could look like (and the next 3 that follow)?


I have also heard Matt Jablonski MD (4:09 1600/9:03 2mile) to Oregon.


from the IL board

i dont know the other school, but a logical guess would be stanford.


Once again, Rutgers fails to keep local talent in-state. :rolleyes:


I hope you’re kidding

Could not tell from the eye roll thing…


There isn’t a “sarcasm” icon big enough to reflect the amount contained in my previous post. :cool:


Seton Hall > Rutgers


Your Correct