Elite Meet


Those stats don’t really prove versatility, it shows that his 3200/5k and even 1600 ability is not nearly as good as his 800. Anybody that runs as fast as he does in the 800 should be able to put up those times at the longer distances unless they are a pure 400m man.

If you look at stars of old you will see much more versatility. Zach Mellon (47.xx split, 1:48, 4:18, 16:00), Rob Finnerty (50, 1:54, 3:59, 8:47, 15:2x), Andy Richardson (49.xx, 1:51, 4:09, 6th place state xc), Jordan Carlson, Obai Hussein, Heath 1+2, Nick Hutton, Robel Kebede, Tyler King, Jon Stublaski, Blankenship, etc.


I can’t believe that the second-most talented meet of the season can be run so poorly that they would actually accept such rediculous entries. I mean, 4:40 in the 1600? 22.83 for a “girl” in the 200? 1:07 in the 4x200?!? I thought they were supposed to verify the meet entries before they were released. For sure someone must have checked the entries sometime between the time when the computer sorted them and they were released to the public to see if there were rediculous times like that. It’s not like this whole process was 100% automated…

…was it?

I’m sure there are a lot of athletes that are just as versitile as Moline. David Platner from Eden Prairie for one (even though in another thread I incorrectly identified him as a CC runner, which while he is not, his sister is, and she is a very good one). But I woiuld definitely say Moline is more a 800/1600 guy who just happens to be very good at running 400’s, so they have him run them.



Lutz and Elliot are not among them, however Osseo 4 x 200 is seeded properly.

Urick is out of the 3200, Hauger get Urick in the 1600 and Piepenburg in the 3200 with one fresh and the other with nothing to hold back for, very interesting.


just a quick correction, he ran 4:24 solo last year at conference and thought i heard sub 9:40 in a timetrial in CC. also he ran 16:15 at regionals coming off an injured season.

i’ve seen him in quite a few 4x4’s but not too many miles…

i put my vote that he’s the most versatile, not that it matters any.


Gee, ur not biased or anything considering you run on his team… you “heard he ran sub 9:40 in cc?” And the fastest 4x8 on Friday will not be run at the elite meet incase anybody was wondering.


What? :confused:


Sounds like Eden Prairie will be throwing together a fast 4x8 team for their booster meet.


I know someone who will be filming the distance races (800m, 1600m, and 3200m), so i’ll see if they can send them to me and i will post them here. Check back later tonight or tomorrow morning


3200 is gonna be ballin. Good mix of class A and AA




Ewen with a 46’+ SP.
Throw puts her in the top 10 nationally :slight_smile:


Sandle goes 50’ 3 1/4" in TJ.

Only 4 others have gone over 50’ in the nation.


:eek: Wow, that is insanely impressive, especially this early in the season.

Of course now that he fell three quarters of an inch short of the State record, he’ll probably go BJ Otto on us and go the rest of the year without breaking it :wink:


What happened to Hauger in the 1600? Anybody there to see? Did she go out too hard?


Impressive in any conditions. Does anyone know the wind on his winning jump?


Hauger got shoved and boxed in right away. 300m in she moved up and took the lead. I beleive that she held it until 1500m and then she faded very bad and everyone kicked past her.


Didn’t see the jump and I didn’t go down by the pits but there was a strong wind that would have been a cross wind at the pits.




Anyone know what happened to Trent Lusignon? Didn’t really notice him him but then during the second lap of the 3200 he was on the infield angrily pulling on his warmups. He looked pissed.


Video from the 1600 here, I’ve got the 3200 and I’ll try and upload it later tonight