Eli Krahn national 1600 frosh record vulnerable


4:09.38 he ran with Austin Tamango also throwing down a 4:09 mid the same year but the pack is closing in early this year. Rheinhardt Harrison whom was robbed of a half marathon record at 10 is now a freshman and quietly finished a very close second (on a lean) at the Pepsi relays 2 weeks ago finishing in a blazing 4:12.59 (winner ran 4:12.52). He has only run 1:58s so far this year and 9:30s so I think it’s still early in his season and if he stays healthy no reason he can’t take the freshman record under 4:09 over the next month or even lower if he runs summer all star meets. Here is an article when he was 10 showing his record was disavowed at 10 because unbeknownst to everyone someone had broken the previous record over the past 24 hours and so after being rewarded as a record breaker it was taken back. Huge prospect with huge range https://www.google.com/amp/s/patch.com/virginia/fallschurch/amp/23663605/10yearolds-race-finish-rejected-in-world-record-attempt